Andrew Hopkins Award for Excellence in Health and Safety


To encourage and recognise significant and/or sustained contribution to improve and promote health and safety best practice in the workplace.


Nominations will be assessed on the basis of written evidence that demonstrates outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas:

  • Excellence in developing and implementing a solution to an identified health and safety issue(s). Nominations may be for a product or process based solution, design/engineering innovation, a training program, an awareness raising activity or other control measures that reduce the risk of work-related injury or illness.
  • Overall outstanding achievement or success with demonstrated value in the area of workplace health and safety.


Staff, students and alumni of the University whose contributions to the economic, cultural, scientific or social development of Australia or the international community has demonstrated eminent achievement and merit of the highest degree are eligible for the Award.

Nomination process

Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards webpage.  Nominations should be submitted as a single PDF document to, by no later than 5pm on the advertised closing date.

Nominations should be prepared by Sponsors, that is, a supervisor or other person within the University. Sponsors should specifically address the award criteria, provide examples to support their claims, and note that additional references are not permitted, and that additional paperwork will not be considered by the Committee.

Colleges and Service Divisions may choose to set up a committee to ensure that staff who warrant consideration of an award are not overlooked.

Sponsors should note that the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards recognise excellence in achievement and contribution that exceeds the normal expectations of the work undertaken by individuals and teams. The selection committee will consider the academic or professional level and consider their access to opportunity when making their evaluation.

Awards process

Award finalists and sponsors will be contacted once the Committee has made a determination but recipients will not be announced until the awards ceremony. The awards will be presented at the celebratory Vice-Chancellor’s Annual Awards event in the same year and all nominees and sponsors will be invited. Please see awards recipients list below.

In the case of team awards, the team will receive one award, presented to the Team Lead (as specified on the nomination form).

The successful recipient of the Andrew Hopkins Award for Excellence in Health and Safety will also receive $1,000 towards professional development in health and safety as part of the Andrew Hopkins Endowment Fund. In the case of team awards, the team will receive a total of $1,000.


2021 - School of Art & Design Technical Team (CASS)

2020 - COVID-19 Taskforce (CHM, DVC SUE, CASS)

2019 - Xin Li (Work Environment Group - HRD)

2017 - Australian Phenomics Facility: Mr Ranjit Alexander, Mr Ian Allsop, Ms Sarah Auhl, Ms Caitlin Bannister, Mr Anthony Barker, Ms Katharine Bassett, Dr Edward Bertram, Ms Maria Boljun, Mr Ivan Boljun, Ms Holly Burke, Ms Joan Burke, Ms Tammy Bush, Ms Katherine Campbell, Ms Christina Carroll, Dr Vicky (Eun Chung) Cho, Mr Mclean Cobden, Ms Rhiannon Corby, Mr Gregory Cover, Mrs Bryony Curran, Ms Cassandra du Boulay, Ms Shelley Dunstan, Ms Michelle Earl, Mr Daniel Facchin, Ms Linda Fitzgerald, Dr Suzanne Fowler, Ms Cherre Fowlie, Ms Jing Gao, Ms Dianne Gooding, Ms Renee Hajek, Mr Robert Hamilton, Mr Alan Hosking, Ms Barbara Hunt, Mr Lee Jarvis, Ms Wan-Ting Kan, Mr Mehmet Sarp Kaya, Ms Rhiannon Kiggins, Ms Simone Kuelzer, Mr Jerry (Zheyi) Li, Mr Rong Liang, Mr Zenya (Qiwen) Lin, Ms Amy (Mingri) Liu, Ms Lyndell Lorenzi, Ms Ayla Lorenzo, Ms Jenna Lowe, Mr Hongyu Ma, Ms Emily McEwan, Ms Suanne McKellar, Ms Dianna McWilliam, Mr Simon Merten, Ms Rachel Milne, Ms Lucy Morris, Mr Benjamin Munoz, Ms Mariam Nasreen, Dr Maxim Nekrasov, Mr Abbas Vahed Nia, Ms Anna Palkova, Mr Aaron Pobjie, Dr Stuart Read, Ms Nikki Ross, Ms Hannah Rowland, Ms Jaeeun Ryu, Ms Sayema Sayeed, Mr Barry Sibley, Mr Abraham Sims, Mr David Smith, Mr Michael Sparrow, Ms Christine Spencer, Ms Tahlia Stanley, Ms Jacqueline Stenhouse, Ms Lauren Stevenson, Ms Vivian (Jingjing) Tan, Mr Robert Tunningley, Ms Kirsten Volz, Mr Derryn Watson, Ms Sara Woodbridge, Mr Philip Wu, Mr Scott Young, Ms Yafei Zhang (CHM)

Further information

For further information please contact

Note: Known as the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Health and Safety Excellence prior to 2017.



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