Cab charges

Taxis will accept the ANU VISA Purchase Card. All staff who have an ANU VISA Purchase Card should use it to pay for taxi travel in preference to using Cabcharge cards or vouchers.


Cabcharge cards for staff working in Colleges and Divisions are organised and managed by the individual areas so staff should seek advice from their local Finance areas on the procedure specific to their School, Centre, College or Division. Staff working in the University Executive and classified as SAO1 and above can be obtained through Finance and Business Services.

To apply for a Cabcharge card you have to complete Cabcharge Cardholder Agreement.The completed application form, approved by your appropriate delegate/agent, should be forwarded to us. Finance and Business Services will contact you when the card is available for collection.

A journal entry will be debited, by Finance and Business Services, direct to the nominated charge code when the group invoice is received from Cabcharge.

Cabcharge vouchers

ANU staff travelling on official University business can obtain Cabcharge vouchers by contacting Finance and Business Services. The request should be emailed to us and include the number of vouchers required and the departmental charge code to enable Finance and Business Services to debit your account by journal entry once the group invoice from Cabcharge is received.