1. There will be a separate procedure for staff and students/visiting fellows.
  2. Advances will be used as payment method of last resort.
  3. Advances will not be used for major expenditure such as airfares (these must be purchased directly by ANU).
  4. Only one advance will be payable at a time. No additional advances can be paid until the first advance is acquitted.
  5. Advances will not be given to staff / students who have an ANU Visa Purchase Card unless the destination of the 'approved traveller' is a remote location. Documentation kept locally should support this decision.
  6. Staff and students (and visiting fellows) when receiving an advance will have to complete a form outlining that they understand their obligations to remit the advance in full or provide receipts, within 15 working days, of completion of the travel/study.
  7. A maximum advance of $10,000 will be payable to staff (unless signed off by the Principle delegate for that budget unit).
  8. A maximum advance of $5,000 will be payable to students/visiting fellows - unless signed off by the Principle delegate for that budget unit.
  9. Advance amounts will be calculated based on a 'reasonable' amount (using TR 2015/14 - travel allowance rates as set out each June by the ATO).
  10. Having regard to the overall maximum advance amount, an advance will be payable for up to 75% of the 'reasonable' amount. Reasonable amount can be the TA rates outlined by the ATO (TR 2015/14).
  11. Minimum advance payment will be $100 (for staff/students/visiting fellows).
  12. Travel and field and survey advances will be paid through Accounts Payable, to the bank account for staff and students, which is their default bank account. Visiting fellows will have to be set-up as EFT vendors and payments made to this account, will be without ABN withholding applying.
  13. Advances not acquitted within 45 working days of return from travel will be converted to a staff/student/sundry debtor (by F&BS in consultation with the Business Officer). A full or partial amount may be requested for repayment.