Physical location codes

  1. A naming protocol is in place with regard to physical location codes.
  2. The format of the asset management location codes will be:
    • <precinct><bldg no>.<level>.<your ref>
  3. Each location code will have a 30 character description associated with it.
  4. The <precinct> and <bldg no> is a combined 4 character field.
  5. Facilities & Services maintain control over precinct reference codes and building numbers.
  6. Currently, precinct codes are as follows:
    1. Banks precinct (previously Linnaeus) F/G
    2. Dickson precinct F
    3. Daley precinct F/G
    4. Kingsley precinct G/H
    5. Ellery precinct I
    6. Garran precinct J/K
    7. Liversidge precinct J/K
    8. Baldessin precinct L/H/I
    9. Mt Stromlo M
    10. Siding Springs N
    11. Other ACT O
    12. Kioloa and other New South Wales T
    13. Northern Territory W
    If you have any queries with respect to the appropriate precinct reference for your building number contact Facilities & Services.
  7. If your assets reside in a building like 10A, then we ask that you forfeit the first character of your local reference for the appendix e.g. I010.1.A24.
  8. F&S provide Floor Level and Room Number Guidelines also.
  9. The <level> basically corresponds to a number from 1 - 9 where 1 is the lowest level (floor) of that building. So the ground floor of Chancelry Tower is Level 1, the floor above the ground floor is Level 2 etc etc.
  10. Below ground floors are assigned with a B alpha numeric code, for example, the lowest below ground floor is B1, the second lowest below ground floor would be B2. For the purposes of this naming protocol we ask that you forfeit the number with respect to below ground floors and assign the alpha B to all below ground floors.
  11. The last component, <your ref>, is a three character alphanumeric field. Normally this would be the room number. Sometimes room numbers do not apply so this reference can be free form.
  12. For example, a gallery on the ground floor in the School of Art may have a code L105.1.GAL or L105.1.001. In any case, there will be a description associated with the code to describe the location. It will be this full text that will appear on any reports of asset items.
  13. The format of location codes we would like you to use for off-campus locations is as follows:
    1. "X"<your prime bldg no>."X".<your ref>
    For example, if RSBS have an asset off campus at CSIRO, they would use X046.X.CSI, with the location having a 30 character long description such as RSBS CSIRO.
  14. New location codes can be created within ESP Financials.
  15. Stocktakes and regular reviews of asset listings should ensure location codes are up to date and the location codes in use abide by the correct naming protocol.