Land, building and infrastructure overview

  1. Land, buildings and infrastructure comprise the following categories:
  • Land
  • Buildings
  • Dwellings
  • Infrastructure
  1. The capitalisation threshold for Land, Buildings and Infrastructure is $20,000 (GST exclusive). This means that if the cost of an item that belongs to the Land, Buildings and Infrastructure category, is below the capitalisation threshold, the item’s cost will be expensed.


  1. Land and Buildings are revalued every three years. 


  1. Cost for large projects can be initially recorded in work in progress accounts (WIP). However, when projects are concluded and signed off, balances in WIP accounts have to be either capitalised or expensed. 


  1. Subsequent expenditures on Buildings and Infrastructure can be capitalised if they increase at least one of the following aspects of the asset they relate to
  • service capacity,
  • service quality,
  • its useful life 
  1. Generally speaking expenditures for repairs and maintenance, cannot be capitalised.


  1. The Capital Management Plan details the University’s projected expenditures for capital projects.


  1. Facilities and Services is responsible for managing capital projects with respect to land, buildings and infrastructure and needs to be notified of any disposal, transfer, partial or full demolition in relation to these assets.