Kioloa Coastal Campus


The Kioloa Coastal Campus is one of the ANU's remote campuses.  The campus was gifted to the ANU by deed of gift from the Edith and Joy London Foundation.  All usages and bookings must follow the intent of the deed of gift.

Kioloa Coastal Campus is a shared facility, and no individual user or group has the exclusive use of the field station. ANU reserves the right to alter accommodation/facilities and to maximise usage. Bookings are made on a 'first come-first served' basis with ANU groups being able to make bookings more than 12 months in advance.

Site to be used for University purposes.

  • Site usage
    1. Internal and external users can now use the site
  • Different groups will not share a cottage or dorm room
  • Bookings will be made to maximise bed availability
  • Requests for sole room occupancy or full cottage hire
    1. Available at bed rate x number of beds in accommodation or room
    2. No extra charge if guest is sole occupant of room or cottage when guest has not made a "sole-room request" or "full-cottage-hire-request"
  • Site users definitions:
    1. Internal rates:
      • ANU staff
      • ANU Students
      • Exceptions endorsed by the Kioloa Management Commitee
    2. Affiliate:
      • Non-ANU groups and individual guests who are sponsored by the ANU or attending site as part of an ANU hosted program
    3. External:
      • Group Bookings with no affiliation to the ANU, including other educational and research institutions
      • Non-ANU individual bookings, such as writing retreats
      • Community based groups or business retreats/meetings
  • Rates detailed under Fees
  • All bookings to be paid before arrival
  • Walsh's accessible room 1 to be last cottage booked
  • No onsite self catering excluding Homestead
  • Without Site Managers approval, no bookings within 1 week of arrival will be accepted.
  • The Bangalay and Nundera rooms are used for dinning. No one group can exclusively reserve the Bangalay room or The Nundera room during Breakfast, Lunch, or dinner. Requests for private dinning will be accommodated if possible.
  • Kioloa Coastal Campus is located in a bushfire prone area.  As a condition of booking, all groups and guests must follow the Bushfire Management Plan.
  • The Bushfire Management Plan outlines evacuation requirements based on Fire Danger Ratings and bushfires near Kioloa Coastal Campus.
  • Guests evacuated due to the Fire Danger Rating or Bushfire near Kioloa Coastal Campus will be eligible for a refund to be negotiated at the time of the incident.

Management must be promptly notified of all changes to reservations.

Bushfire Season - 1st October to 31st March

Kioloa Coastal Campus is in a Bushfire prone area.  It is a condition of bookings that all groups and guests follow the Bushfire Management Plan.

The Bushfire Management Plan outlines evacuation requirements based on Fire Danger Ratings and bushfires near Kioloa Coastal Campus.

During bushfire season, group leaders must:

Cancellation Policy

Kioloa is a fully catered site. The cancellation policy is designed to cover costs incurred by the University for catering and opportunity cost for the site if bookings are cancelled or changed.

  • Bookings
    • All bookings must be confirmed and paid for 10 days prior to arrival
    • All dietaries must be submitted 10 days before arrival
    • Dietaries may not be accepted within 10 days of arrival
    • If ANU closes site, then full refund to groups for period closed.  Full refund of full booking on case-by-case basis
  • Notes
    • Notification for all cancellations received out of hours starts from next business day after acceptance
  • Cancellation of booking
    • Outside 10 days - no charge, full booking refunded
    • 10 days to 3 days - 30% charge, maximum 7 days
    • Within 72 hours - 100% charge, maximum 7 days
    • After arrival - 100% charge, full booking charged
  • Changes to bookings
    • Outside 8 days - No charge, Full booking
    • 8 days to 3 days - 30% charge, maximum 7 days
    • Within 72 hours - 100% charge, maximum 7 days
    • After arrival - 100% charge, full booking


The cost for use of the field station is kept at a minimum with the understanding that users contribute to the cleaning and care of the facilities.  Where this is not the case an extra charge will be incurred.  Please be considerate of the environment and of the other people when using the field station.

  • Additional fees for day-time use only and conference functions may apply.
  • Bed Rates:
    • Internal
      • Standard bed rate - $70 ex GST
      • Walsh's ensuite bed rate - $140 ex GST (for 1 Person, add $70 for second person)
    • Affiliate
      • Standard bed rate - $100 ex GST
      • Walsh's ensuite bed rate - $180 ex GST (for 1 Person, add $85 for second person)
    • External
      • Standard bed rate - $140 ex GST
      • Walsh's ensuite bed rate - $220 (for 1 Person, add $100 for second person)
  • Long term stay option:
    • Homestead (minimum 5 nights - maximum 21 nights)
      • $500 per night ex GST
      • Self catered with the site catering by invoice through caterer
      • Sleeps 7 maximum
  • One invoice issue per group booking
  • Meeting/Function room use included in bed rate
  • Non-staying groups Meeting/Function room hire $200 per day

Guest rules

Along with the Site guidelines, guests should follow the below.  Any breach to these rules could result in cancellation of booking.

  1. Noise and disturbance
    1. Parties are not permitted
    2. No disruptive behaviour (including excessive noise between 10pm and 6am)
  2. Guests are to treat all people onsite with respect
  3. No fires without site manager approval
    1. No fires when Fire Danger Rating is High or above
  4. All meals catered except long-term stays in Homestead
  5. No BBQ's onsite
  6. In an emergency guests should follow the site warden's direction
  7. A Risk assessment must be completed and signed before guests leave the avenue to enter the ANU's paddocks, or Bushland
  8. All guests are encourage to complete a Risk assessment before working or visiting the beach or ocean
  9. Cleaning and damage
    1. Smoking in room - including vaping.   $165.00 cleaning fee in addition to any other cleaning fee that may apply.
    2. Replacement keys - $150.00 per replacement
    3. Room soiling/damage - $165.00 cleaning fee, and in addition as applicable at cost, mattress replacement, professional floor clean, furniture/fixture/fitting clean or replacement, and tariff at the daily rate applicable to your booking until the room is restored to lettable condition.
    4. Breakages - reasonable replacement cost of damaged or broken items (itemised)
  10. All guests must complete the guest and visitor induction before arrival
  11. Check in before 3.30pm
  12. When checking out, hand key to ANU staff or in predetermined location
  13. No check in over weekends
  14. No smoking or vaping allowed onsite
  15. Responsible consumption of alcohol permitted
    1. Group Leader to ensure all guests know responsibilities in relation to alcohol and are aware of ANU liquor policy and Kioloa Coastal Campus Alcohol guidelines
    2. Guests responsible for own behaviour and adherence to ANU liquor policy and Kioloa Coastal Campus Alcohol guidelines
    3. Any groups that include undergraduate students are not to bring or consume alcohol at the KCC. It will be the responsibility of the group leader to ensure all members of their group are aware of this policy
    4. BYO only
    5. Non-compliance with these guidelines may be considered misconduct or serious misconduct and be managed under applicable University policies, legislation of the ANU Enterprise Agreement
    6. Affiliate or External groups Non-Compliance of these guidelines could result in their booking being cancelled and future bookings being refused
  16. Pets are not permitted.


  1. Excluding Homestead, meals provided per bed rate
    1. A set menu is provided
      1. Continental breakfast - 8am to 9am
      2. Morning tea - 10am
      3. Lunch - 12.30pm dining
      4. Dinner - 5.30pm dining
    2. Included meals for bed rate
      1. Arrival day = dinner
      2. Full day = Breakfast, morning tea, lunch and dinner
      3. Depature day - Breakfast, Morning tea and lunch
    3. Dietary requirement modifications possible
      1. Group leader to collate dietary requirements and email site caterer directly stating booking nunmber and booking dates
    4. Basic tea and coffee located at London Shed servery
    5. Once booking confirmed, please send dietary requirements with booking number and booking dates through to Dinner Pal ( at least 10 days before arrival.  Dietary requirements not received within 10 days of arrival may not be met.  Meal enquires can be sent to
  2. Linen
    1. Beds made up consisting of triple sheeting with doona.  Blankets at base of beds
    2. Single towel and bathmat
  3. Cleaning
    1. Cleaning of rooms
    2. Surcharge if accommodation left in poor state
    3. Extra clean available at $50 per room
    4. Full clean and linen change after 7 days
    5. Bathrooms cleaned daily on weekdays.  No weekend cleaning


The group leader or co‐ordinator must collect the keys for the whole group from the KCC office. The office is located in the London Shed.

Arrival must be before 3.30pm.

Staying at KCC

  • bring a beach towel
  • bring your toiletries – Bawley Point Village Shops are 4km away
  • bring mosquito and insect repellent.  Repellent also helps against ticks, leeches, and bushflies.
  • make sure you bring sensible clothing, and sensible footwear, for all types of weather.  It can turn cold in summer, too, and it is often windy and rainy here. You may even find that slippers are useful inside, as the floors can be cold in the winter months
  • bring sunscreen and a sunhat, and a raincoat.


  • drinking water - Kioloa treates rain water to meet the Australian drinking water guidelines.  Please be mindful when showering.
  • power usage - Power failures are more common as we are in a remote area. As such save work regularly and be conscious of turning off power points when not in use.

Safety guidelines

Please ensure that the following housekeeping and safety information is provided to and completed prior to arrival by all visitors attending the Kioloa Coastal Campus.

All visitors are required to complete the Kioloa Visitor and Guest Induction BEFORE arriving at the station. It is the group leaders’ responsibility to ensure that all group members have completed and understood the information provided in the induction module.

Please also note guidelines in Water safety at Kioloa - rips are common at local beaches.

Water/swimming safety notices are displayed in the buildings and on the beaches.  You must read the water safety instructions before going swimming.

Field work

Guest and visitors must complete a Risk assessment before entering the KCC Bushland or Paddock's.  Any work or study near the ocean will also require a Risk assessment to be completed.

Field work requires special consideration in regards to Health and Safety.  The Australian National University has a comprehensive list of forms and requirements for field trips.  All individuals and all group leaders/field leaders coming to stay at the field station must familarise themselves with the ANU Fieldwork Health and Safety Guidelines. Within the field station compliance with Health and Safety Policy, conditions of use and relevant regulations are mandatory.

It is the responsibility of individual users of the campus to obtain all necessary permits and permissions such as collection permits, animal ethics approvals, permissions to access private land or for the installation of equipment in the field.

Any and all works to the campus must be made good on the completion of studies or research.  This must be budgeted before any approvals to change or installation of the equipment to the campus will be granted.


  • Hand keys to ANU  site staff or in predetermined location
  • Lock all doors on exit

WiFi/Ethernet and mobile coverage

  • ANU secure is available onsite
  • Projectors available in London Shed and Lab.  Connection to projectors through HDMI cable.
  • other universities – find out about your own institution's Eduroam set‐up.
  • Telstra service is available with other networks patchy at best