Kioloa Coastal Campus

Please note: The operational model for the Kioloa Coastal Campus has changed. Please review the Conditions to understand the new operational model.

The Kioloa Coastal Campus (KCC) is located on the NSW south Coast and is one of the ANU’s satellite sites.  Use of the KCC is in line with the intent of the deed of gift that was created when the Edith and Joy London Foundation donated the property to the University.

The Kioloa Coastal Campus offers a range of teaching facilities and accommodation options and can be utilised for teaching, research, meetings, conferences, writing, and workshops.

The campus is available to both internal and external groups with internal groups being heavily subsidised.

Kioloa Coastal Campus is a great place to learn, teach, write and conduct research in a relaxed yet energizing environment away from busy campus life. Find out more about how the research station can help meet your needs, visit the Campus homepage.

Open cottages:

  • Walsh's split cottage
    • Room 1 - accessible cottage
    • Room 2 - ensuite room
  • Collin's cottage
    • Quaint 3 bedroom cottage decorated in a bygone era
  • Frankel's cottage
    • 2 bedroom cottage with lounge and internal bathroom
  • Barwick's cottage
    • 3 bedroom cottage with large bedrooms and sunroom
  • Nix's cottage
    • 3 bedroom cottage with large bedrooms and sunroom
  • Groper cottage
    • 3 bedroom cottage with renovated bathroom

Open Dormitories

  • School house
    • 3 x 2 bed bedrooms with new bathrooms
  • Kumasi
    • 4 x 3 bed bedrooms
  • Packard's
    • 2 x 4 bed bedrooms and 2 x 2 bed rooms with new bathrooms


  • London Shed Bangalay Room
  • London Shed Nudera Room
  • Laboratory


Step 1 Volunteer a group leader

The group leader will be the contact for all details including booking info, dietary requirements, and required inductions and Risk assessments.

During the Bushfire season, 1st October to 31st March, the group leader is required to:

Step 2 Get in touch

For booking enquiries, please submit the online booking form. Please note that the booking is not confirmed until you have received a booking confirmation email from

Please indicate what facilities are required.  A cleaning charge may be applicable.

  • Laboratory
  • PC2 Lab
  • London Shed Bangalay room
  • London Shed Nundera

Step 3 Finalise booking and visitor numbers

Group leader to liaise final numbers with

Once booking is finalised, group leader collate dietary requirements and extra guest meals/morning tea.  This should be organised with the site caterer. Dinner Pal

Step 4 Campus Induction and Risk Assessment

All visitors are required to complete the Kioloa Visitor and Guest Induction BEFORE arriving at the station. It is the group leaders’ responsibility to ensure that all group members have completed and understood the information provided in the induction module.

A Risk assessment must be completed before guests leave the avenue to enter the ANU's paddocks, or Bushland.  As ANU employees a Risk assessment should be completed before working at or in the ocean.  Guests will not be allowed to enter the paddock’s or bushland without a signed Risk assessment.

Step 5 Facilities use

Contact for any queries relating the campus so we can do our best to accommodate your requirements

Step 6 Packing list

Campus life is all about the great outdoors. To be comfortable in any weather and at any time of the day we recommend you pack the following items for your stay:

  • sun protection i.e. hat, sun glasses, sun screen/block, long sleeve tops
  • bathers
  • beach towel
  • warm clothes for the evening including long pants and a jacket
  • wet weather gear
  • sturdy walking shoes
  • small carry bag or daypack for excursions
  • water bottle and snacks to tie you over
  • mosquito repellant

Step 7 Collect your keys

On arrival please report to the KCC site office located in the London shed Koorbrua room.