Segment Marketing and Planning

We’re the strategic insight and project planning experts. We collaborate closely with ANU colleges, admissions and other business units to define and deliver the University’s segment marketing plans.

We research, gather, analyse and share market intelligence about our sector and audiences. These insights inform how and when we reach our audiences with marketing activities that drive international and domestic student applications.

In addition, we develop and oversee the execution of targeted marketing and advertising campaigns. We work closely with our internal and  partner agencies to provide comprehensive media and creative strategies that will best engage our target audiences via existing and emerging channels.

Our job is to make it easy for prospective students to hear about, consider, apply and start their journey at ANU. We do this by optimising content that’s informed by research findings and by measuring its success against SMART objectives, with the help of tracking codes, tags, lead capture forms and analytics data.

We inform and report on our metrics and findings to internal stakeholders and the University executive. We share market intelligence information, including existing research and brand tracker reports. When new research needs to be commissioned, we can connect colleagues with the suppliers on our market research services panel. (include a link to the relevant page in the ISFS Hub)

In summary, the Segment Marketing and Planning teams continuously look for new and innovative ways to attract the brightest minds to come fulfil their calling, and fuel their future success, here at ANU.

Our teams and contacts


Name Contact details
Sarah Illy

Associate Director, Segment Marketing and Planning


Project Planning

Name Contact details
Kim Ryan

Senior Marketing Manager

Danica Higginson

Marketing Specialist

Location 121 Marcus Clarke, Level 6

Strategic Insight

Name Contact details
Henrique Marcelino dos Santos

Marketing Specialist