Talent and Capability

The ANU values the contribution of staff who build on the distinctive excellence of our institution, both as Australia's national university and Australia's finest university. This is a status we achieve as a direct result of the quality and performance of our people. The Talent and Capability team works collaboratively with local HR, supervisors and staff members to enable staff to perform at their best through the creation of an environment which develops and supports individuals to achieve their work goals and to reach their full career potential. 

Enabled through the provisioning of on-going staff development opportunities in relation to staff performance and development, therefore maximising an individuals’ contribution to the University. Talent and Capability looks to aid this by providing an ongoing range of career development programs and initiatives to advance the skills, knowledge and career progression of professional and academic staff.

Initiatives to support your development


Talent and Capability also houses People and Culture's ANU Executive Search team, a specialist consulting team for executive leadership appointments across the University. ANU Executive Search  utilises a tailored approach to attract and retain remarkable individuals who contribute to the University's strategic vision, fostering a culture of excellence from the world's best talent here at ANU.

ANU Executive Search specific responsibilities include:

  • Developing and implementing customised recruitment search strategies
  • Sourcing national and global candidates for senior academic, executive and professional roles
  • Providing operational support to local HR, including advertising and contract preparation
  • Relocation and on boarding of the newly appointed executives

Our teams & contacts


Contact details
Indigenous Employment 
Staff and Family Tuition Fee Discount 
Phone 1800 620 032
Staff Diversity and Inclusion 
Talent & Capability - Academic promotions 
Talent & Capability - Executive Search 
Phone +61 2 6125 2555
Talent & Capability - Senior Appointments 
Phone +61 2 6125 1085
Talent & Capability - Supporting Development 


Contact details
Sarena Bunce 
Executive Search Business Partner
Phone +61 2 6125 1863
Pip Cantrall 
Deputy Chief People Officer - Talent & Capability
Paul Donohue 
Senior Consultant
Priyanka Gaitonde 
Consultant, ANU Executive Search
Phone +61 6125 1032
Alida Gyory 
Senior Consultant
Sabeehah Jaldin 
Training and Project Officer
Emily Lawton 
Senior Consultant - Leadership, Culture and Employee Experience
Phone  +61 2 6125 5966
Penny Nesbitt 
Senior Consultant - Leadership, Culture and Employee Experience
Christie O'Higgins 
Manager, ANU Executive Search
Phone +61 6125 2555
Angela Rusanov 
Training and Project Officer
Aaron Smith 
Diversity and Inclusion Manager
Kent Vidler 
Manager, Talent Management
Phone +61 2 6125 9997
Fiona Zimmermann 
Senior Consultant - Indigenous Employment & Retention
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