ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme

Professional recognition of university educators

ANU is a subscribing institution of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). Since the start of 2014 the ANU has been accredited to award professional recognition in all four categories of HEA fellowship within the Professional Standards Framework.

The EFS provides an opportunity for all ANU staff involved in teaching, or supporting learners in other ways, to be recognised within an internationally-standardised framework of higher education teaching standards.

HEA fellowships provide professional recognition of academic and professional staff who:

  • can demonstrate experience in, and knowledge of, teaching and learning;
  • have engaged with relevant professional development; and
  • are committed to acting as a professional.

Fellowship categories

  • Associate Fellow (AFHEA) for those just starting to teach or support learners at university
  • Fellow (FHEA) for those with solid teaching experience across all facets of teaching and learning in higher education.
  • Senior Fellow (SFHEA) for those with extensive teaching and understanding of teaching and learning in higher education, and experience in influencing and supporting peers
  • Principal Fellow (PFHEA) for those with recognised institution-wide, national and /or international leadership in teaching and learning in  higher education.

ANU applicants

Applications to the EFS require a written reflective narrative of your experience in university teaching and learning. ANU staff are supported to develop this reflective narrative through a developmental program of peer and mentor-focused feedback mediated through the Educational Fellowship modules EF1-6. Staff may also be encouraged to participate in CHELT professional development modules that will support them in meeeting the criteria for fellowship. Staff may also be encouraged to participate in professional development modules that will support them in meeting the criteria for fellowship.

Modules EF1-6 are now available in diverse modes: fully online; face to face; and blended. Modules EF7-10 are offered to successful applicants after fellowship is awarded.


To register your interest in starting your fellowship application and be given access to the modules, please register via the black "Register for EFS" button at the top right of this page.


Free of charge for Australian National University staff.

Under certain circumstances, a personalised developmental service is also available for applicants from institutions outside ANU. Please contact

Fellowship recipients

More than 300 members of the ANU teaching community and more than 200 external colleagues have already been awarded HEA fellowships through the ANU EFS.

Total number of EFS fellows

Non ANU Total

AFHEA 19 17 12 17 25 3 42 12 147 61
FHEA 14 15 4 5 12 6 19 9 84 23
SFHEA 21 10 13 8 18 15 22 10 117 114
PFHEA           2   4 6 27
Total 54 42 29 30 55 26 83 35 354 225

Updated 17/10/2017