ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme

What is the EFS?

The ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme (EFS) provides educators with internationally-accredited professional recognition of their experience and expertise in university teaching. ANU is able to offer the EFS to its staff by being a subscriber to the Higher Education Academy (HEA), an independent, non-profit organisation committed to world-class teaching in higher education.

EFS categories

The EFS has four categories, accommodating those who are just starting their teaching career, to those who have been teaching for many decades.

Associate Fellowship: The entry-level category of the EFS. It is a suitable category for tutors, early-career teachers, or professional staff who work with educators or students.

Fellowship: For educators who have at least three to five years’ teaching experience, and have convened a course for at least one year.

Senior Fellowship: For those with extensive teaching experience, who have also undertaken professional development related to teaching and learning. An ability to demonstrate engagement with, and leadership of peers, is a prerequisite for Senior Fellowship.

Principal Fellowship: for those with recognised institution-wide, national and /or international leadership in teaching and learning in higher education.

Are you interested in learning more and applying for the EFS?

Fantastic! It is a terrific way for you to gain recognition for your teaching, while engaging with reflection and personal and professional development along the way. The following modules are designed to help you get started, and work through your application:

E1- Information Session

This face to face session provides you with information on why applying for a fellowship is important for ANU staff involved in Teaching and Learning.  During the session, an EFS coach will guide you through the process, show you how to get started, and answer your questions. We want all participants to walk away from these information sessions with the confidence and knowledge to get started on their application.

E2- Developing Your Teaching Philosophy

Module E2 is an opportunity to listen to other fellows talk about their teaching philosophies, and discover what sparked their interest in teaching. You will also receive tips on how to write your teaching philosophy for the EFS application.

E3- Writing a Reflective Narrative

This is an interactive session where the EFS coaches guide you through the process of writing your application reflectively in the context of the Professional Standards Framework (PSF). You will see some exemplars, spend time writing, and receive immediate feedback. The purpose of this session is for you to make some progress in writing your reflective narrative, under the guidance of an EFS Coach.

E4- Receiving Feedback

Module E4, is where you receive peer feedback on your reflective narratives and/or case studies. This session is by invitation only, and requires applicants to have completed a draft application. All drafts need to be sent to 

What does it cost?

Applying for the EFS is free of charge for Australian National University staff. An ANU email address is a prerequisite for applicants.

Under certain circumstances, a personalised developmental service is also available for applicants from institutions outside ANU. Please contact

To register your interest in starting your fellowship application, please register via the black "Register for EFS" button at the top right of this page.


Fellowship recipients

More than 380 members of the ANU teaching community and more than 200 external colleagues have already been awarded HEA fellowships through the ANU EFS.

Total number of EFS fellows

Non ANU Total

AFHEA 23 24 14 20 29 3 52 14 179 61
FHEA 14 15 5 6 12 6 19 9 86 28
SFHEA 21 10 13 8 20 15 22 10 119 116
PFHEA           2   4 6 32
Total 58 49 32 34 61 26 93 37 390 237

Updated 19/12/2017