ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme

The ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme (EFS) provides an opportunity for all those involved in teaching (and/or supporting learners in other ways), at ANU and beyond, to be recognised as professionals within an internationally-standardised framework.

ANU is a subscribing institution of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). Since the start of 2014 the ANU has been accredited to award professional recognition in all four categories of HEA fellowship within the Professional Standards Framework.

Professional recognition

The fellowships provide professional recognition of academic and professional staff, from ANU or other Australian universities, who:

  • can demonstrate experience in, and knowledge of, teaching and learning;
  • have engaged with relevant professional development; and
  • are committed to acting as a professional.

Fellowship categories

  • Associate Fellow (AFHEA) for those just starting to teach or support learners at university
  • Fellow (FHEA) for those with solid teaching experience
  • Senior Fellow (SFHEA) for those with solid teaching and mentoring/peer-support experience
  • Principal Fellow (PFHEA) for those with recognised leadership in teaching and learning at institution-wide or national levels.

ANU applicants

Applications to the EFS require you to provide a written reflective narrative of your experience in university teaching or learner support.

Your EFS application will be prepared within a developmental program of peer- and mentor-focused feedback.

The ANU Centre for Higher Education, Learning & Teaching (CHELT) has developed a themed set of ten Educational fellowship (EF) modules (a decamod) within its Academic Professional Development program.

  • First you need to learn about the EFS and application requirements by attending Modules EF1-3, presented together as a 1.5 hour face to face session, offered monthly.
  • Modules EF4 and EF5 then provide staged face to face opportunities for you to see exemplars, spend time writing, and get immediate feedback on drafts.
  • Module EF6 focuses on teaching philosophies, and involves guest speakers (EFS fellows), writing time, and immediate feedback on drafts.

Upcoming dates for all these modules are available on the registration page (click top right - Register Now button).

Successful EFS applicants are invited to participate in EF7, EF8 and EF9 as ad hoc events, and regular EF10 Fellowship Forums to meet other EFS members.


Free of charge for Australian National University staff.

A personalised developmental service is also available for external applicants. Please contact


Register for the EFS modules via the black "Register now" button at the top right of this page.

Fellowship recipients

More than 200 members of the ANU teaching community and more than 150 external colleagues have already been recognised through the EFS.

Total number of fellows


AFHEA 19 9 10 15 3 32 10 12 110 60
FHEA 13 13 3 4 6 18 7 9 73 21
SFHEA 20 7 10 8 15 27 9 9 105 102
PFHEA     1   1     2 4 21
Total 52 29 24 27 25 77 26 32 292 204

Updated 6/02/2017