Use of Drugs in Research Animals

The use of a variety of drugs is necessary for certain research protocols, veterinary treatment and the maintenance of animal welfare at the ANU. In order to comply with ACT legislation and ANU Chemical Safety procedures, there are mandatory storage, dispensing and licencing requirements in place. Researchers, animal care staff and veterinarians may be responsible for meeting these requirements.

All drugs to be provided to animals must be approved under an active animal ethics protocol or provided under the direct supervision of an ANU veterinarian. Single use or short term use of drugs may be managed under the supervision of the ANU veterinarian, but research groups must arrange their own licence and ordering of drugs for ongoing usage.

The Schedule 8 Drug Licence Flowchart provides advice as to the process for arranging a licence and ordering Schedule 8 drugs which have specific legislative and ANU WHS requirements. The requirements outlined in the ANU Chemical Management Handbook must be followed. For advice on the appropriate use of drugs and medicines in research animals please contact the Veterinary Services Team.

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