Project management framework

The Project Management Framework (PMF) provides support to manage projects and enhances your ability to successfully achieve your project delivery outcomes. The PMF consists of a Policy and supporting procedures, templates and tools including a contacts list for support.

Are you thinking of starting a project?

The PMF offers:

  • Guidance to initiate a project with defined objectives, outputs and outcomes.
  • Tools to identify stakeholder needs and expectations.
  • Guidance on the right governance to suit the project.
  • Methods and tools to plan and manage the project through its lifecycle.

StrategyDotZero (SDZ) is a corporate system aligned with the PMF and is therefore the endorsed or preferred tool to document your project through its lifecycle and prepare status reports.

Find out more in the following sections that step you through the project management journey.

Open suitcase representing initiation of a journey

Initiating a project

How do you start? Continue reading for guidance on how to get your project initiated and approved. Do you need to set up a project? An ideal...
A plane following a dotted line representing planning of a journey

Planning a Project

Your project has been approved, so let’s start planning how the project work will be conducted to produce outputs and deliverables. SDZ’s Program/...
A plane taking off representing the execution of a journey

Executing a project

Now you can start to deliver the project’s objectives by creating outputs and outcomes that fulfill customer requirements. The Project Manager’s ...
A landed plane with stairway representing the end of a journey

Closing a Project

You have delivered the project’s objectives and fulfilled customer requirements. Now you can start to formally close the project.  What if the...
Luggage on a baggage carousel representing events after a journey

Post Implementation Review

A Post Implementation review is conducted after completing the project. Its activities aim to evaluate whether project objectives were met, how...
Stack of books representing the library

Library of resources

This library provides the standard project management, business analysis and testing documents commonly used during the life of a project. The...