SIS Strategic Leadership Committee

In 2017, the SIS Senior Leaders Committee was replaced by the SIS Strategic Leadership Committee and the SIS Senior Managers Committee. The SIS Strategic Leadership Committee oversees strategic planning and ensures services align with the University's goals. 

Terms of reference

Role and Function 

This committee has six key terms of reference: 

  1. Provide advice and make recommendations on the strategic direction and alignment of Scholarly Information Services Division with the University’s goals.
  2. Review, monitor and report on the implementation of the Division business plan.
  3. Oversee and analyse major issues affecting the Division.
  4. Ensure the appropriate allocation and effective use of available resources.
  5. Monitor developments from University academic committees and committees with Division heads to inform our work.
  6. Monitor budget and staffing issues.


The members of this committee are senior management, who are also member of the SIS Senior Managers Committee. 

The members are: University Librarian, Library Associate Directors and SIS Associate Directors. Additional individuals may be present at meetings depending on particular agenda items. 

Reports to 

The committee reports to the University Librarian. 


Meetings to be held December and January, March and April, June and July, September and October. 



  • Roxanne Missingham, University Librarian
  • Christian West, Associate Director, Library Services
  • Kathryn Dan, University Archivist