SIS Senior Managers Committee

The SIS SeniorManagers Committee will provide advice to and complete actions from the SIS Strategic Leadership Committee. 

Terms of reference


The name ‘SIS Senior Managers Committee’ reflects position of the Members as Managers of the Library staff. 

Role and function 

This committee has six key terms of reference: 

  1. Provide advice and make recommendations on the operational Scholarly Information Services Divisions matters 
  2. Review, monitor and report on the implementation of the Division business plan 
  3. Discuss and lead on issues such as implementing workforce planning 
  4. Consider relevant developments from University committees and strategic planning to inform divisional activities 
  5. Review budget and staffing issues 


The members of this committee are the senior management group and library managers. 

Additional individuals may be present at meetings depending on particular agenda items. 


The committee reports to the University Librarian. 


Meetings to be held post the quarterly statistical collection – first week of February, May, August and November. 

2024 Meeting Dates in the Graneek Room, Chifley Library

  1. Monday 5 February 2-4pm
  2. Monday 6 May 2-4pm
  3. Monday 5 August 2-4pm
  4. Monday 4 November 2-4pm



  • Roxanne Missingham, University Librarian
  • Christian West, Associate Director, Library Services
  • Adrian Burton, ARDC Director, Services
  • Kathryn Dan, University Archivist
  • Rebecca Barber, Senior Manager, Collection Access & Discovery
  • Tom Foley, Senior Manager, Client Services
  • Erin LeNevez, Manager, Digital Scholarship
  • Fern Hyde, Manager, Academic Competencies & Digital Capabilities
  • Nathan Hollier, Manager, ANU Press
  • Alex Caughey Hutt, Senior Privacy Officer
  • Michelle Chudzinski, Manager, ANU Library Communications
  • Morgan Wilson, Web and Discovery Manager
  • Brian Kenady, Information Services and Space Coordinator
  • Cathy Burton, Information Access & Collection Management Coordinator
  • Anne Newton, Information Access Coordinator
  • Sarah Lethbridge, Archivist
  • Alisha Nolan, Collection Manager
  • Jacky Clements, Information Access & Collection Management Coordinator
  • Megan Easton, Senior Data Governance Officer
  • Katy Najafi, Collection, Initiative and Analysis
  • Cameron Allen, Collection Access Coordinator