Human Research Ethics Committee

High-risk protocols (Full Review) will be considered and approved by The Australian National University Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). All inquiries and correspondence with the Committee should be directed to the Secretary, Human Research Ethics Committee. The Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) works on a monthly cycle.

After you have submitted your application online in ARIES, an email will be sent to you outlining what you need to do to finalise your submission.


2017 Submission Deadlines

Meeting No.

Deadlines for Applications (5pm)

Meeting Date

Meeting 1

Tuesday 10 January

Friday 20 January


Meeting 2

Tuesday 14 February

Friday 24 February


Meeting 3

Tuesday 21 March

Friday 31 March


Meeting 4

Tuesday 18 April

Friday 28 April


Meeting 5

Tuesday 16 May

Friday 26 May


Meeting 6

Tuesday 20 June

Friday 30 June


Meeting 7

Tuesday 18 July

Friday 28 July


Meeting 8

Tuesday 15 August

Friday 25 August


Meeting 9

Tuesday 19 September

Friday 29 September


Meeting 10

Tuesday 17 October

Friday 27 October


Meeting 11

Tuesday 14 November

Friday 24 November





  • Professor Michael Martin (ANU)


  • Ms Anna Prosser (External)


  • Mr Andrew Tink (External)

Minister of religion

  • Rev Dr Andrew Cameron (External)
  • Rev David McLennan (External)


  • Professor Gordon Waddington (External)
  • Dr Marie Mansfield (ANU)


  • Professor Tom Faunce (ANU)
  • Mr Graeme Blank (ANU)

Researcher (ANU)

  • Dr Diane Smith
  • Dr Fleur Adcock
  • Professor Michael Dodson
  • Dr Bill Fogarty
  • Dr Jill Guthrie
  • Associate Professor Cressida Fforde
  • Dr Dirk Van Rooy
  • Professor Tamara Jacka
  • Associate Professor Anne Aimola-Davies
  • Dr Edith Gray
  • Dr Michelle Salmona
  • Dr Gilberto Paz Filho
  • Dr Adam Henschke


  • Ms Sheri Kim