Human Research Ethics Committee

NOTE: As of 14 April 2020, all human ethics committees are working hard to keep to our normal schedule of review according to the submission dates below. Please note that priority will continue to be given to applications and variations that:

  1. Are required for research directly related to COVID, or
  2. Are essential variations to existing protocols that will minimise risk/distress to participants.

In order for these priority submissions to be actioned appropriately, please email to alert the Ethics Team ahead of submission, and include “Priority Submission” in the subject line.

The Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) is the primary human ethics committee at ANU. There are also three Delegated Committees (DERCs) which review protocols of lower risk from a specific subject area. Although the HREC does review protocols when it meets, most applications will be reviewed at a DERC meeting at an Expedited (E1 or E2 level), which have different submission deadlines.  

Full Review level protocols will be considered and approved by the HREC. All inquiries and correspondence with the Committee should be directed to the Secretary, Human Research Ethics Committee ( The Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) works on a monthly cycle, meeting on the last Friday of every month. Application submissions are due 18 days before the meeting (always a Monday).

After you have submitted your application online in ARIES, an email will be sent to you outlining what you need to do to finalise your submission.



  • Professor Michael Martin (CBE, School of Finance & Applied Statistics)


  • Ms Anna Prosser
  • Mr Andrew Tink
  • Ms Delyse Paliaga

Minister of religion

  • Rev Dr Andrew Cameron (St Mark's National Theological Centre)

Medical practitioner

  • Dr Marie Mansfield (ANU Medical School)
  • Professor Gordon Waddington (Sports Medicine, University of Canberra)


  • Mr Graeme Blank (ANU College of Law)

Researcher (ANU)

  • Dr Rosalie Aroni (CHM, ANU Medical School)
  • Dr Caroline Schuster (CASS, Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies)
  • Professor Bruce Smyth (CASS, Centre for Social Research and Methods)
  • Professor Jane Simpson (CAP, School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics)
  • Dr Patrick Kilby (CASS, School of Archaeology & Anthropology)
  • Dr Rod Lamberts (COS, Centre for the Public Awareness of Science)
  • Dr Virginia Marshall (CAP, School of Regulation and Global Governance)
  • Dr Michelle Banfield (CHM, Research School of Population Health)
  • Dr Jennyfer Taylor (CECS, Research School of Computer Science)


  • Ms Sally Davis (National Security College)
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