Teaching and Learning Strategy and ANU Model of Learning

To deliver a student experience equal to the world’s best, the Academic Portfolio will provide the leadership to enhance ANU teaching and learning. The first two initiatives include:

Teaching and Learning Strategy

The ANU Teaching and Learning Strategy will outline the pedagogies that enable the ANU Graduate Attributes and the ANU Curriculum Framework and Employability Framework. The pedagogies will provide a research-led learning environment and enhance the social cohesion, wellbeing and collaborative culture of both staff and students.  The Teaching and Learning Strategy will indicate the signature ANU Model of Learning, the nature of teaching support provided for staff and the ways in which teaching is rewarded and recognised at ANU.

ANU Model of Learning

The ANU Model of Learning describe and guides how our students learn.  Linking directly to the new Teaching and Learning Strategy, the ANU Model of Learning will provide a framework for high quality, research-led learning at ANU and articulate what makes learning at ANU genuinely distinctive. It will help to create clear expectations of how students transition to university, how their learning will be informed by different pedagogic approaches, and learning at ANU will prepare students for life beyond graduation.

Phased approach

The initiatives will involve three phases:

Phase 1: Development and Consultation

Development and consultation on the plans for each initiative is underway and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.  Approval of documents by Q1 2022.

Phase 2: Professional Learning

Intensive professional learning will be delivered to support the implementation of new pedagogies of the Teaching and Learning Strategy and ANU Model of Learning. 

Phase 3: Implementation

Implementation of the initiatives will be for first year undergraduates in 2024 and rolled out through bachelor and then postgraduate degrees in subsequent years; with first and second year undergraduates participating by 2025.