Green energy for ANU childcare centres

Solar Potovolitaic Panels were installed on both the University Preschool & Childcare centre and the Heritage Early Childhood Centre, Liversidge and Balmain Street, Garran Precinct, Acton Campus.

ANU is committed to reducing its greenhouse emissions. One way to achieve this, without having to change behaviour, is to use more energy from renewable sources. Solar panels make use of Canberra's ample sunshine, they look great and, because you can see them on the roof, people talk about them and get inspired to look into solar power themselves. It also gets the kids talking meaning that the next generation understands the importance of renewable energy before they even go to school.

Green benefits

  • Renewable energy generation - 14,083 kWh of green energy per year
  • Carbon emissions reduction - 9.8 tonnes per year