Coombs building refurbishment

The Coombs Building Refurbishment Project is an exciting infrastructure project designed to transform teaching and working spaces at the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific at The Australian National University.

The Project will revitalise classrooms to further enhance the quality of education at the College. It will create spaces that facilitate and encourage collaboration among staff, and it will ensure the physical environment reflects the calibre of research undertaken across the College.

The College received final approval from the National Capital Authority to proceed with the Project in May 2018 and plans to commence work in July 2018. The Project is expected to take between two to three years to complete. It will be conducted in stages with the South Hexagon first, followed by the Centre and North Hexagons.

The College has worked closely with its contracted architect and builder, the University and the National Capital Authority to plan the project and ensure it meets the needs of staff and students at the College.

Critical changes deemed to be a priority for the College and to be made as part of the Project include:

  • Upgraded Student Centre
  • Upgraded entrance and foyer
  • Upgraded tearoom with catering kitchen
  • New common facilities including kitchens
  • Upgraded and co-located teaching spaces 
  • Increased shared working spaces including meeting rooms and breakout areas
  • Improved temperature management including new insulation, double glazed windows and ceiling fans
  • Enhanced exterior including new shutters and some balcony refurbishment
  • Improved internal and external accessibility
  • Improved signage and wayfinding
  • New prayer room and family room
  • New maps storage facility.

Status update

Progress on site has demolition and structural works continuing. Incoming, in ground chilled water install is complete and the west car park has been reopened in December 2018. Service rough in continues and external location works have been initiated on the Garran/Liversidge Street side in preparation for water main works. Structural steel is near completion on level 3 and demolition is near complete to level 3 and level 2.