Update to Zoom password settings

13 July 2020

From 19 July 2020, Zoom will require a password to be enabled for all newly scheduled meetings and webinars. For most people this will mean no change, as passwords are already set on by default. If, however, you have been deselecting the password function then you will find that you no longer have that option come 19 July.

Passwords are automatically generated and assigned to each meeting and webinar.  When you send the meeting invitation, the password is embedded in the link and those who use the link automatically go into the meeting. If you are not sure whether you are using a password, here are some examples of what the link may look like in your Zoom invitation:

No password: https://anu.zoom.us/j/9234394887

With password (encrypted in link): https://anu.zoom.us/j/94709456727?pwd=QWcrMkU2bsdfgdgUdsZmxxYXBSQT09

Meetings that have already been scheduled without a password will continue to work, however it is highly recommended that you add a password. To do so, go to your meeting on the Zoom portal (https://anu.zoom.us), enable the password option and reissue the meeting invite.