Student First continues to gather insights

19 August 2022

The Student First Program has engaged with undergraduate students and staff to build an understanding of the end-to-end student experience.

Dr Susan Hansen, Student First Program, Human-Centred Design Practice Lead explains some of the emerging insights.

“To date we have looked at the student experience of our domestic undergraduate cohort as well as the technologies they use. This process has uncovered key items that significantly impact a student’s experience throughout their time at ANU.

Being connected was highly valued by students. There is also a need to feel safe and secure, not just in terms of physical safety but also wellbeing. Students also expressed the need for tools to effectively plan out their degree. Timely, simple and clear administrative processes along with consistent learning materials are also important enablers for a positive student experience,” Susan says.

The discovery research is starting to be shared more broadly across the ANU Community. This initial discovery work will be further expanded on and refined using human-centred design methods.

“These initial insights are just the beginning but will be used by Student First to inform the design of technology, service and experience-related improvements in the Program and beyond,” Susan says.

The team will next turn its attention to the domestic and international postgraduate student cohorts, in addition to the Higher Degree by Research (HDR) experience. Members of the ANU community will be approached to participate in interviews, workshops and co-design sessions as part of the program.

Members of the ANU community are encouraged to contact the Student First Program Team if they wish to be involved.

For more information on the Student First Program, visit the website.