Sexual violence prevention strategy

13 December 2018

The development of a Cultural Change Strategy responds to recommendation 2 of the AHRC Change the Course report which requires universities to develop a plan for addressing the drivers of sexual assault and sexual harassment. This Strategy will form an integral element of the University Experience Plan's aim of fostering an inclusive, open and respectful ANU, which reflects the diversity of our nation. As such, this Strategy forms a key part of the ANU Strategic Plan 2018-2021.

The Strategy will build on the long-term work of the sexual violence and prevention sectors, prevention advocates and activists , local and national governments, and academics and other research organisations. In recognition of the University as a place where people live, work, learn, and socialise, the Strategy will take a comprehensive and holistic approach to the prevention of sexual violence. While stopping violence from occurring in the first instance (primary prevention) is the ultimate goal, this will take time. As such, until the University (and society) is able to prevent violence from occurring, it must also focus on intervening early for those at higher than average risk of perpetrating or experiencing violence (secondary prevention), and supporting victim-survivors and holding perpetrators to account (tertiary prevention).

Drafting of the Strategy is expected to be completed by January 2019 and will undergo consultation with staff and student communities early in the 2019 academic year.

For more information or with questions please contact the Secretariat, Ben Gill at