Postage options within Kambri

12 April 2019

New postage options are now available for students and staff to use within the Kambri precinct.

24 hour parcel lockers have been installed outside the Club Lime gym on level 1 (the same level as University Avenue) for students and staff to receive parcels any time of the day.

A vending machine that sells envelopes and stamps is installed inside the entrance to the Wellbeing building on the same level as the lockers (level 1), while two street side mailboxes are located in Joplin Lane outside the Commonwealth Bank.

For those needing to visit an Australia Post outlet, the nearest post office is about a 10 minute walk into City West, located at 53 Alinga Street (as part of the Jolimont Centre building).

The new services have been provided by Australia Post following its assessment that it is no longer economically viable to maintain a shopfront presence at ANU.

Information on how to use the parcel lockers can be found on the Australia Post website.