Oral exams workshop

Are you interested in assessment that allows for a meaningful connection with your students, helps you really find out what your students know, draws out the best in students AND sees all of your marking done on the day of the exam? This may sound fanciful, but this workshop will explain how this can be done (along with other benefits) while maintaining assessment integrity, reliability and validity.

The Oral Exam Workshop will:

  • dispel some common myths about oral exams
  • explain what an oral exam can do, and how it can be seamlessly integrated with other assessments in your course
  • help you design an oral exam protocol for your course.

Facilitators: Dr Chris Browne from the College of Science and Dr Catherine Galvin from the College of Engineering & Computer Science will both share their experiences of oral exams, with Karlene Dickens and Simon Feros from the Centre for Learning and Teaching co-facilitating the workshop.