New Year update

8 January 2021

In addition to our regular status updates, some of you have had some specific questions about the ANU Identity Project, so we wanted to provide an update on where things are at as we head closer towards implementation. 

If you have any communications or newsletters going out to your internal community you may also want to consider including this update too.  


Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the Style Guide.  

We still have a few tweaks to make but we expect it to be completed by the end of this month.   

When this is done, we’ll be in touch to discuss training and advice on how to use the guide.  


We are working both in-house and with our creative agency (For The People) to develop a full suite of templates including: 

  • Outfit templates  

  1. Postcard  

  1. Posters  

  1. Pull-up banner 

  1. Event flyers 

  1. EDM template  

  1. A4 directional signage  

  1. Info screen  

  1. Multi-page booklet (digital and print) 

  1. Social media assets 

  • PowerPoint templates  

  • Video production tools (inc. lower thirds and top and tails) 

  • ANU Corporate templates (inc. agenda, letter, memo, minutes, blank doc, file note) (designed by ANU Studio) 

  • InDesign templates  

  • Email signature block design   

Finalisation of these templates is contingent on final Style Guide completion, but we expect most should be ready in Q1 2021.   

When ready, they will be hosted on the ANU Identity Hub. 

The ANU Identity Hub will be your single source for all resources related to the visual and verbal identity. 

It will host all the tools and information you need to effectively apply the ANU identity to your work whilst continuing to build the distinct brand of the University. 
The Hub will also provide guidance on using the visual and verbal identity through guidelines, process maps, FAQs, policies and guidelines, and training.  
We are continuing to work on developing an interactive brand training module that provides a high-level overview of the ANU identity.  
It will be presented in three different parts: 

  • Brand education (including ANU Story Framework, history, brand consistency etc.) 

  • Overview of the ANU identity and applications (narrative, photography, design, sub-branding etc.) 

  • Information on the policies and procedures that underpin the ANU identity  

The module will be self-paced and made online for ANU staff and we will be reaching out soon for some user testing.  

You can expect to receive frequent updates over the next few months as we begin implementation, but if you have any questions in the meantime, please get in touch with