Joplin Lane Becomes a Pedestrian-Safe Laneway

29 January 2020

From Monday 3 February Kambri’s Joplin Lane will be closed to vehicle traffic and become a more pedestrian-friendly laneway.

Since Kambri opened almost a year ago, ANU has been assessing the safety of shared pedestrian zones in the precinct. Based on feedback from the ANU community and to ensure the safety of pedestrians, the University is now closing off ‘the Lane’ to vehicle traffic.   

With the exception of emergency vehicles, the Lane will only be opened for deliveries, between 6am and 9am each day. For students studying late at night in the Chifley Library who rely on lifts home, their friends and relatives collecting them can use the Kambri underground carpark’s 15 minutes-free-access.

The Lane can be accessed from the carpark’s various lifts or the pedestrian ramp. For those requiring disability parking, the Kambri underground carpark has spaces beside the pedestrian ramp to Joplin Lane. There are also spaces beside the lifts to the Di Riddell Student Centre and the Kambri Cultural Centre.

Next week ANU Security will be onsite to manage the closure and remind vehicles to move before Joplin Lane closes. Vehicle drivers will be asked to use Kambri’s carpark on the corner of Kingsley Street and Tangney Road.

Facilities and Services are currently reviewing shared pedestrian, cyclist and traffic zones across campus. Until this review is complete, cyclists using the Kambri precinct should be mindful and use common-sense by demounting in busy pedestrian zones, such as ‘the Lane’.