Horus updates improve access to leave requests, PDR reports

16 January 2019

A series of updates have been made over the holiday break to the system that staff use to check their leave, payment slips and summaries, otherwise known as HORUS.

Staff can now attach documentation such as sick leave certificates directly within the program. This feature is optional for all types of leave except ‘Sick Leave with Certificate’, where you’ll be required to attach supporting paperwork in order to submit that type of leave.

Staff can now also access their PDRs (current and former ones) via HORUS (except for situations where a PDR was initiated prior to the e-form tool being commissioned. In these cases, PDRS will still need to be requested via College and Divisional Human Resources).

If you’re a supervisor of a team, you’ll also notice updates to your HORUS interface that allow you to see leave balances (annual, long service and personal leave) of all staff that are delegated to you as the manager.

With the simple click of a button, supervisors can also access PDRs that are direct reports

Questions and support

Technical support relating to the changes can be found via the HR Systems Support Team between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

HR Systems help desk: (612) 59622

Email address: HRSystems@anu.edu.au

Feedback and suggestions for improvements: HRSystems@anu.edu.au or the University Services Feedback form available via e-forms