Global Educators Workshop

This is the first workshop of its kind in the educational sector where educators and teaching and learning staff will be exposed to a wide variety of different educational systems spanning vastly different countries – the home countries of many of our ANU students. You will learn how the main values and priorities of educational systems of China, India, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Italy and Canada are shaping the way students think and learn. 

This face-to-face workshop offers an opportunity for open dialogue and to build a shared understanding of how people from diverse cultures have different learning experiences. This is a unique opportunity for you to take the first step on your way to becoming truly global educators. 

Come and learn about students experiences from different cultures, and gain valuable insights from a panel of ANU educators. 

Places are limited, please register to secure your spot!


Minimum numbers

We require a minimum number of registrations for this session. In the event that this number is not reached, we may cancel or reschedule and all participants will be notified.


Who can attend?

Anyone who teaches, supports ­­­­teaching or is student-facing at ANU. If you are not an ANU staff member but wish to attend, please email