Event cancellation FAQs

13 March 2020

Based on the advice from our expert panel and Australian Government guidelines, the University has cancelled all public and social events of any size from Monday 16 March until the end of semester one (Saturday 27 June).  

Cancellation or postponement extends to all discretionary events including ticketed and non-ticketed public events, public lectures and concerts.   

If you have events planned beyond the end of semester one, you are encouraged to start planning for alternative arrangements should they be needed.  

How is an event being defined? 

The announcement of event cancellation made on Friday 13 March 2020 related to any non-essential activity, of any size. That is, any event that is not part of the University’s day-to-day operations. 

Essential activities that are part of the University’s day-to-day functioning such as classes, meetings and lectures have also been affected by a subsequent announcement. From 30 March teaching, learning and research will all be undertaken remotely following health advice to work and study from home where possible. More information on these new arrangements can be found here. 

Am I able to host groups of my own on campus informally? 

No. The University has decided to implement precautionary measures to help slow the spread of the virus, including small in person meetings.  

Will this include college run events? 

Yes. If the events are non-essential, the University wishes to minimise the risk as much possible which unfortunately includes all areas of the ANU.   

Am I able to postpone my event? 

The University will continue to provide updates and advice on the situation, including when events can resume again. 

Am I able to run my event remotely? 

We are currently exploring options for how we can support people to hold events through alternative means such as virtually or through podcasting. 

 If this is something you may be interested in, please contact events@anu.edu.au. 

What if cancelling my event has implications on an endowment? 

Please email events@anu.edu.au and we will provide advice on a case by case basis. 

I need assistance communicating the cancellation to guests, who should I contact? 

Please email events@anu.edu.au for a template to communicate cancellations to your guests. 

I am about to start planning an event that is scheduled for after June 27, what does this mean for me? 

Approach your planning with flexibility and continue to monitor updates from the University. If you have any questions, email events@anu.edu.au. 

Am I able to receive a refund for some of the incurred expenses such as travel, venue hire or audio visual equipment? 

We are currently working through event cancellations and assisting our community with event expenses. Where possible, please work with the vendor to postpone services, or receive a credit. Many companies and organisations are providing flexible arrangements to change or move bookings. 

In circumstances where a refund or credit is not possible, please contact insurance.office@anu.edu.au. Each event will be considered on a case by case basis. 

Will I be able to complete my semester one course/s? 

Yes. ANU is still running essential activities related to teaching and research remotely. 

I am a part of ANUSA/ANU Club, will we be able to host our regular meetings to keep the organisation running? 

As the University has now implemented off-campus work and study arrangements, we encourage you to use video or tele conferencing as a default for meetings.  Please also reach out to sa.social@anu.edu.au to explore the possibilities of holding your events virtually. 

Will this include ANU Sport matches and events? 

Yes. ANU Sport have provided guidance on cancellations here. The ANU Sport Fitness Centre remains open with some changes to comply with health advice. 

Can we still do training for sports/arts? 

As this is a non-essential social gathering, you are unable to continue official ANU training for sports/arts.