Change your password

24 June 2019

Students and staff who have not changed their password since 1 December 2018 are being urged to update their ANU login password within the next 7 days or face delays in logging in to the ANU network after 1 July. 

For students, this means that unless you change your password before 1 July, you won’t be able to see your results as soon as they are released.

All accounts whose passwords have not been reset since November 2018 (student and staff) will automatically require a password change.

*Please note, if you changed your password on 4 June 2019, you do not need to change it again until 4 December 2019 (six months from the date you last updated your password).

Tips for choosing good passwords

-Use more distinct passwords for services you use that are external to ANU;

-Where two-factor authentication is available, use it. (Two-factor authentication is where a service provider will send an SMS or email to you to confirm it’s actually you wanting to access the service); and

-Use strong but memorable passwords. There are many secure password generators available online. You may also wish to consider using a password manager as well.

Suspicious emails

*Please note, ANU will NEVER send you a direct link in an email asking you to change your password*

Phishing and scam emails are still one of the most common ways that scammers steal personal information or gain unauthorised access to your information and accounts.

-Ensure emails are from a trusted source. Some email clients don't automatically show the full email address so take the time to expand and validate email addresses. 

-Do not click on links or open attachments from unknown senders or emails which purport to be from someone you know but seem out of character.

-If the email appears to be from a known sender but seems unusual or asks you to do something you would not normally do, find a way to validate this information with the sender.

-Never give any sensitive or personal details over email no matter how legitimate or authoritative the source may seem.

-Don't click on email attachments with unusual file extensions or names unless you are expecting the email. 

-If you can't tell whether an email is legitimate, or you think your account has been compromised, please contact

For any matters relating to the recent data breach please email For any general IT security matters please call the IT Help Desk on 6125 4321.

To update your password, please search for the page marked Identity Manager and follow the directions on that webpage.