ANU Lunch Vox #5 - Productive Partnerships

A university education is an exercise in the meeting of minds; students explore the expert and curated knowledge of their educators, they deconstruct the theories of great thinkers, cultivate wisdom from industry exemplars, and contest ideas with diverse peers. But what happens when these minds meet to design the learning experience itself?

The fifth instalment of the ANU Lunch Vox examines the various permutations of collaboratively-designed learning experiences at the university.

Through the panel discussion, we are particularly interested in exploring questions that aspiring co-constructors might have. How do productive parternships start? How do you embark on a course in which the students are partners who design the course with you as the course unfolds? How do you form partnerships with industry professionals and incorporate work-integrated learning? What does interdisciplinary learning look like and how can you stretch beyond the boundaries of your discipline and college?


  • Maryanne Dever, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education & Digital) – Chair
  • Desmond Manderson, ANU College of Law
  • Camilo Potocnjak-Oxman, ANU College of Business and Economics
  • Ravinith Prasad, ANU Experience Accelerator
  • Alexandra Webb, ANU College of Health and Medicine


*This event will be on Thursday 3 June 2021, not on 27 May as previously advertised. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.