ANU identity release

5 March 2021

We are delighted to release the ‘ANU identity’ to our community. 

At the heart of it, the ANU Identity Project has been an exercise to capture what is distinctive about ANU and give you tools to communicate it. 

This has been a journey to foster cohesion, reduce the issue of brand fragmentation and use research to address the cognitive dissonance between how we see ourselves versus how our community and the world sees us. 

The project has given us the opportunity to speak to thousands of members of our community through workshops, surveys, interviews and roadshows to capture the overarching essence of ANU. 

This level of engagement, and action on feedback, means we have been able to develop an authentic manifestation of our community's sense of our identity.  

We have worked through several concepts to distil those conversations into a frame of reference for our actions and communications – the ANU Identity Framework.  

The ANU Identity Framework is our ‘guiding star’ and plays a fundamental role in ensuring consistency of messaging so all staff at ANU understand their role in shaping and supporting the nation.  

The ANU Identity Framework has also informed components of the updated ANU identity, including a visual refinement to improve recognition and reduce fragmentation, and a storytelling framework that ensures all communications from the University are identifiably and authentically of ANU. 

While these components are a subtle change, they better embody our collective identity by celebrating the national role we play as a meeting point for bright minds with diverse perspectives.  

·        THE ANU IDENTITY HUB: Your single source for all resources related to the visual and verbal identity. The Hub also provides guidance on using the visual and verbal identity through the ANU Identity Guidelines, templates and downloads, training, FAQs, policies and processes, and relevant contacts. 

·        WEBSITE UPDATES (VISUAL): You'll notice some changes to the visual appearance of the ANU web environment over the coming months. This work will commence today, with visual updates to the main ANU website as the first priority. This work is being delivered in a collaboration between ITS and MSRD. 

·        ANU SYSTEM UPDATES: Over the next six months, ANU platforms and systems will be updated to reflect the ANU identity. This work will be completed in partnership with ITS and will be staggered based on a priority order.  

·        TRAINING: A calendar of upcoming staff training sessions is now available via the Hub and will commence from next Tuesday. Registration is required for these online sessions and will cover the ANU Identity Guidelines (hosted by creative agency, For The People) and new Outfit template training (hosted by the University’s brand automation platform, Outfit).  

·        RESOURCES & DOWNLOADS: A variety of tools and templates are available to download via the Hub. This includes the following: 

o   ANU Identity Guidelines  

o   ANU Identity Framework 

o   ANU branded templates via Outfit  

o   Iconography sub-guide and icons 

o   Microsoft Office templates (PowerPoint, Agenda, Memo, Letter, Report Cover etc) 

o   Social media profile images 

o   Public Sans font files - coming soon 

We encourage all ANU staff to engage with the resources above, register to attend a training session and explore the ANU Identity Hub. As we are gradually rolling out ANU identity resources we welcome feedback from the ANU community, which you can do through the ANU Identity Hub.