Advancement profiles: Nick Dean

15 March 2019

Nick Dean recently commenced his role as an Advancement Services Officer at ANU Advancement.

Previously a Support Service Officer for Lifeline Australia, Nick says that he’s always been drawn to organisations where he believes there is an alignment with his work and his values.

“Working in a philanthropy team at a university that gives scholarships to, for example, students who might not be able to pay for their own education or gives opportunities to marginalised communities is really important.”

Nick also says he’s inspired by the role of teaching and education in solving problems that previous generations haven’t been able to solve.

“The area of climate change research is of particular interest to me. It’s an evolving field with daily developments and I think we can really make an impact. I’m also interested in medicine and healthcare and the accessibility of healthcare to communities across Australia.”

As an ANU alumnus, Nick is also pleased with the positive work culture he’s found as a member of the ANU professional community.

“I really like the people here. I think when the people in your team are great you can achieve anything.”

As for his approach to his new role, Nick says he’s keen to develop his expertise.

“Every donor journey is different, so when I learn new processes I like to learn the full breadth of the experience. It’s great to have start-to-end knowledge.”

The Advancement Services team is responsible for entering, storing, maintaining and retrieving most of the data related to the University’s engagement and fundraising activities.

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