Executive participation in events

Vice-Chancellor and Executive Event Participation

In support of the University's reputation both internally and externally, the participation of our Executive team – including the Vice Chancellor – is both welcomed and encouraged for large scale or significant event activity across the campus.

The attendance of members of the University Executive at such events is co-ordinated through a central process to ensure that the right resources are allocated to meet the unique needs of each event and to ensure active and valuable involvement.

If you would like an Executive to participate in an upcoming event, please complete the online request form.

Someone from the Executive Office or SCAPA team will be in touch to confirm availability and outline the process. Support can be provided as necessary with the following items:

  • Confirming availability
  • Co-ordinating multiple diary bookings
  • Preparing and sending invitations
  • Finalising event briefs
  • Crafting scripts/speaking notes suitable for individual Executive style


Executive Briefings

Please note, there is a specific briefing process required for Executive involvement in event activity, particularly those requiring speaking roles.

You can download a copy of the briefing document in the related document templates on the right hand side of this page. 

Whilst advice and final briefings will be managed by the SCAPA team for any confirmed events, it is the responsibility of the event organisers to provide initial briefing information for this template including; event information, recommended speaking notes and an available contact for questions.

If this information has not been provided at least five days prior to the event, the Executive participating may be withdrawn from the event. This is essential to ensure that whenever our Executives appear, they are well prepared and are able to present in the professional manner expected at this level. 


Need help or further advice?

Please send an email to SCAPA@anu.edu.au.