The following certificates are available through University Printing Service:

  • Participation and achievement - CMYK logo
  • Vice-Chancellor's (VC) - CMYK logo


You can order certificates from University Printing(Staff only content) by following these steps.

  1. Templates: Choose the certificate layout you need (see examples above).

  2. Content: Put all text for the certificate in a Word document and the list of recipients in an Excel spreadsheet.

    Please note that the following elements of the certificates can be changed to suit your needs:
    • Title: The title of the certificate can be altered to fit the needs of each College/Area (e.g. Achievement, Participation etc).
    • Size of the title: The title can be in large or small text.
    • Intro text to the award: The maximum amount of text is three lines.
    • Signatures: There is room for between one and three signatures.
    • College/partner identification: List your college area and, if applicable, a partner.
    • Organisation (e.g. 'ANU College of...' and 'Department of...') or college area alone.
  3. Certificate signatures: Please contact Jenny Nutter (jenny.nutter@anu.edu.au) at the Office of the Vice-Chancellor (OVC) for certificates requiring the VC's signature. Please provide the OVC with two weeks notice.

  4. Printing: Use University Printing Service's online store to request printing of the certificates.  You will need to upload the Word document and Excel spreadsheet created in Step 2.