ANU Strategic Learning and Teaching Grants

The ANU Strategic Learning and Teaching Grants are being established by the Academic portfolio to accelerate the University’s program of educational renewal to deliver on the goals of ANU by 2025 and to deliver a student experience equal to the world’s best.

The intent of the grants is to accelerate education renewal aligned to the strategic initiatives approved by the Academic Board: the ANU Learning & Teaching Strategy, the Curriculum Framework and ANU Graduate Attributes.
See the ANU Strategic Learning and Teaching Grants Guidelines for more information.

2024 Phase 2 Grants Applications:

The second round of grant applications will open in early 2024. Details will be available soon on this website.

2023 Strategic Learning and Teaching Grants Phase 1 Selection Committee Meeting

The Selection Committee meetings for Phase 1 of the Strategic Learning and Teaching Grants were held on the 11th and 12th of September 2023. The Committee was chaired by Professor Maryanne Dever, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Digital), and its members were:
  • Dr. Bernardo Pereira Nunes, ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics
  • Dr. Chris Browne, Academic Portfolio
  • Ms. Elizabeth Bailey Manager, ANU Careers & Employability | Higher Education Careers and Professional Development
  • Associate Professor Joan Licata, ANU College of Science
  • Dr. Julieanne Lamond, CALC Co-Director, ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences, Centre for Australian Literary Cultures
  • Ms. Lucy Arthur Director, Centre for Learning and Teaching
  • Mr. Simon Feros Manager - Education Design, Centre for Learning and Teaching

The Committee was delighted to see the number of applications, the level of interest in the Grants across the University, and the strong alignment of the project proposals with the ANU Learning and Teaching Strategy. The Committee discussed and reviewed the forty-two submitted applications. After careful consideration and thoughtful deliberation, the Committee decided to approve twenty-eight Strategic Learning and Teaching Grant applications and in doing so extended the funding allocation given the strength and quality of the applications submitted.

The Committee in making its decisions ensured the project proposals were selected based on the stated evaluative criteria. The Committee were pleased to see clear linkages to strategy, opportunities to deliver scale and impact in particular projects, a focus on First Year renewal, whole of program renewal, and strong Indigenous perspectives.

2023 Phase 1 Grants Recipients

On behalf of the Academic Portfolio, Professor Maryanne Dever is thrilled to announce the Phase 1 recipients of the ANU Strategic Learning and Teaching Grants.

Congratulations to the following applicants:

Tier Project Name Project Lead(s) College of the Project Lead(s) Project Members
Tier 1 ANU Indigenous Perspectives Network Dr. Alison Kevan Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Ms. Sara Rowley
Dr. Sophie Constable
Tier 1 Great Writers Festival: Transformative Authentic Assessment in English Literary Studies Dr. Claire Hansen ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences  
Tier 1 Enhancing Applied Epidemiology Education through Real-World Scenarios Dr. Davoud Pourmarzi ANU College of Health & Medicine Dr. Emma Field
Dr. Florian Vogt
Dr. Md Rezanur Rahaman
Dr. Tehzeeb Zulfiqar
Professor Tony Stewart
Tier 1 Embedding Indigenous Perspectives in Engineering Dr. Jeremy Smith ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics Associate Professor Fiona Beck
Ms. Jenny Simmons
Associate Professor Marnie Shaw
Ms. Nyssa Miller
Tier 1 Enhancing the Involvement and Experience of First Nations Students and Communities in ANU Work-Integrated Learning Initiatives Dr. Nghia Tran ANU College of Business and Economic Ms. Carlyn Waters
Associate Professor Ying-Yi Chih
Tier 2 Case Studies as a Problem Solving Pedagogy Dr. Andrew Carr ANU College of Asia & the Pacific Dr. Alexander Lee
Dr. Emily Robertson
Tier 2 Co-designing Inclusion in Work-Integrated (WIL) Learning Programs Dr. Anne Ozdowska ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics Ms. Bruna Contro Pretero
Associate Professor Penny Kyburz
Associate Professor Ying-Yi Chih
Tier 2 Social Impact Studio: Preparing to Collaborate Pilot Dr. Chris Browne Academic Portfolio Dr. Ehsan Nabavi
Associate Professor Geoff Hinchcliffe
Ms. Jenny Simmons
Dr. Jeremy Smith
Dr. John Debs
Dr. Katerina Kormusheva
Dr. Maya Haviland
Dr. Merryn McKinnon
Dr. Naomi Hay
Associate Professor Penny Kyburz
Dr. Rachael Rodney-Harris
Dr. Sally Curtis
Mr. Sejul Malde
Tier 2 Cultivating Transdisciplinary Problem-Solvers through the Innovative Collaborative Project-Based Learning (CPBL) Pedagogy Dr Dana Hanna
Associate Professor Ying-Yi Chih
ANU College of Business and Economics Mr. Dale Newbery
Dr. Katerina Kormusheva
Tier 2 Authentic Employability Skill Assessment Framework for ANU Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Initiatives Dr. Katerina Kormusheva ANU College of Business and Economics Dr. Dana Hanna
Associate Professor
Penny Kyburz
Associate Professor Ying-Yi Chih
Tier 2 Strengthening Foundations and Connections in Linguistics Learning and Teaching Dr. Ksenia Gnevsheva
Dr. Rosey Billington
ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences Associate Professor Carmel O’Shannessy
Professor Catherine Travis
Associate Professor Danielle Barth
Dr. Jennifer Hendriks
Dr. Susy Macqueen
Tier 2 MATLAB Grader Enhanced Assessment and Feedback Associate Professor Linda Stals ANU College of Science Associate Professor Adam Piggott
Tier 2 Data Maker-space, Data Literacy, Acquisition, Visualisation Professor Louis Moresi ANU College of Science Dr. Callum Shakespeare
Dr. Chengxin Zhang
Ms. Honor McGregor
Professor Malcolm Sambridge
Dr. Rebecca McGirr
Tier 2 Preparing MA Students for Authentic Learning Associate Professor Lucy Neave ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences Associate Professor Ruth Morgan
Associate Professor Yujie Zhu
Tier 2 Interactive Visual Learning to Enhance 1st Year Statistics Literacy Dr. Matt Thompson ANU College of Science Professor Adrian Machenzie
Associate Professor Anne Aimolo Davies
Dr. Bronwyn Loong
Dr. Yuan Gao
Tier 2 Exploring Pathways for Cultivating Entrepreneurship at ANU Associate Professor Penny Kyburz ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics Associate Professor Birgit Muskat
Mr. Chris Dennis
Ms. Kerry-Ann Hugo
Dr. Nico Klenner
Dr. Samira Nazar
Tier 2 Developing a Generative Machine Intelligence to Support Teaching and Learning in a First Year Business Information Systems Course Professor Sigi Goode ANU College of Business and Economics Dr. Amir Riaz
Mr. Devin Clementi
Dr. Patrick L'Espoir de Costa
Tier 2 Major Renovations: Enhancing the Marketing Major with Content and Assessment Mapping Dr. Patrick L'Espoir DeCosta
Dr. Stephen Dann
ANU College of Business and Economics  
Tier 3 Holistic Redesign of First-Year Mathematics at ANU Associate Professor Adam Piggott ANU College of Science Dr. Asilata Bapat
Dr. Griff Ware
Tier 3 Building Cross-university Capacity to Embed the Indigenous Perspectives Graduate Attribute Dr. Alison Kevan Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor  
Tier 3

THE ANU ESCAPE ROOM HUB – enabling meaningful and authentic learning through engaged experience

Dr. Bernardo Pereira Nunes ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics Ms. Bruna Contro de Godoy
Dr. Tiago Silva
Tier 3 The ASTUTE Program: An Inclusive Approach for Overcoming Social Anxiety and Improving Employment Outcomes Among ANU Students Professor Elizabeth Rieger ANU College of Health & Medicine Professor Bruce Christensen Associate
Professor Davide Berle
Dr. Helen Maxted
Dr. James Brann
Dr. Junwen Chen
Dr. Lou Farrer
Associate Professor Merryn Mckinnon
Mr. Reshad Heckbarally
Tier 3 Decolonisation and Indigenisation of the Master of Philosophy (Applied Epidemiology) Program Curriculum Dr. Emma Field ANU College of Health & Medicine Dr. Davoud Pourmarzi
Ms. Fiona Cornforth
Dr. Md Rezanur Rahaman
Dr. Rosalina Sa'aga Banuve
Dr. Samantha Colquhoun
Tier 3 Cementing ANU’s Leadership in Education for Transdisciplinary Problem Solving: Strengthening Teamwork and Scoping Other Characteristics Professor Gabriele Bammer ANU College of Health & Medicine  
Tier 3 Artificial Intelligence in Health & Well-being Education Associate Professor Alexandra Webb
Dr. Julia Ellyard
ANU College of Health & Medicine Dr. Andrew Mathieson
Associate Professor Boris Bizumic
Dr. Danish Ahmad Professor Hanna Suominen
Dr. Kathleen Miles
Dr. Kathryn Smith
Dr. Kayla Smurthwaite
Associate Professor Krisztina Valter-Kocsi
Dr. Tehzeeb Zulfiqar
Dr. Woei Ming (Steve) Lee
Tier 3 Cross-discipline Modules on Sustainability Dr. Edwina Fingleton-Smith
Dr. Katerina Kormusheva

ANU College of Science

ANU College of Business and Economics

Tier 3 Developing Transdisciplinary Health Humanities Education at the ANU

Dr. Bonnie McConnell

Dr. Lillian Smyth

ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

ANU College of Health & Medicine
Associate Professor Alexandra Webb
Associate Professor Anna Olsen Dr. Brett Scholz
Dr. Claire Hansen
Associate Professor Christopher Sainsbury
Dr. Georgia Pike-Rowney
Dr. Keren Hammerschlag
Professor Kim Cunio
Dr. Kristen Murray
Associate Professor Krisztina Valter
Dr. Riemke Aggio-Bruce
Mr. Sejul Malde
Dr. Stacey Ward
Dr. Trang Ta
Tier 3 CASS IPGA 3C Project Dr. Sarah-Jane Burton ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences Associate Professor Geoff Hinchcliffe


2023 Information sessions

The Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Digital), in conjunction with the Centre for Learning and Teaching, held three information sessions across July and August. These sessions provided a summary of key information and provided an opportunity for staff to discuss ideas for Grants. 

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Download the slides from the information sessions.

2023 Grant priorities

The streams below outline some of the priority areas that applications could seek to address:

Potential streams:

  • Authentic learning and/or authentic assessment
  • Industry engagement in learning and teaching, including industry advisory boards
  • Development and embedding of professional and career literacy
  • Work-integrated learning opportunities and enhancements
  • Embedding of Graduate Attributes in learning and teaching
  • Innovative approaches to First Year pedagogy and holistic first year course redesign
  • Forms of active and experiential learning
  • Cross-School and cross-College collaboration on transdisciplinary learning, including:
    • STEM + non-STEM collaboration
    • STEM skills development in non-STEM courses and programs
  • Systematic mapping and embedding of research skills at the discipline and program level
  • Progressive development of digital literacies across disciplines and/or programs

As the priorities outlined above indicate, we are seeking applications that can ultimately lead to transformation and impact at scale. While proposals focusing on individual courses may be submitted, they should demonstrate how the work proposed can ultimately lead to models or exemplars that can be shared and successfully scaled up. Transformative proposals focused on first year learning and assessment experiences are particularly welcome. Individual and team-based proposals for work at the discipline or program level are encouraged.

Applicants need not necessarily present fully articulated solutions to the issues identified; applications can be exploratory and designed to develop and share innovative solutions to common issues.

Collaboration opportunities

If you are a project lead with a current idea for a project and looking for collaborators, please complete the below form. Your project information will be added to the Grants Collaboration SharePoint Site.

If you are interested in joining a project team, please visit the Grants Collaboration SharePoint Site and select your area(s) of interest.



See the ANU Strategic Learning and Teaching Grants Guidelines for more information.


To be eligible for an ANU Strategic Learning and Teaching Grant, applications must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants and all project team members must be current ANU staff members with their employment contract covering the full length of the proposed project. Collaborations between academic and professional staff are actively encouraged.
  • The application must be endorsed by the lead applicant’s College Associate Dean in Education or equivalent.


Grants are expected to run for up to 12 months, however shorter periods are possible.

Funding tiers

The grants are structured into three tiers to reflect different scale of impact that can be generated through each level of funding.


Funding Tier




Possible Reach of Impact


Tier 1


Up to $15,000


Positioning for Future Success (Immediate)

  • This funding would ideally be used to kick-start or complete pre-determined ideas and activities that don't require significant investment for immediate success.


Tier 2


Up to



Building Capacity (Localised)

  • This funding would ideally be used to support transformations and renewal that require more investment for sustainable outcomes.


Tier 3


Greater than



Innovating for Impact (Scale)

  • This level of funding is expected to enable Colleges and Schools at the programs or discipline level to achieve transformations that enable transdisciplinarity and cross- collaboration between areas, to embed creative practices, and/or to drive innovation and change at scale. Grants at this tier should facilitate good practice and knowledge sharing at an institutional level (University-wide embedding of impact).



Application process

Please make sure you read the ANU Strategic Learning and Teaching Grants Guidelines before you start on your application. An FAQs file is now available, please refer to it as needed and contact the CLT if you require further information.

  1. Download both forms:
    1. application coversheet
    2. application form
  2. Complete both forms and seek endorsement from your Head of School (HoS) and your Associate Dean Education (ADE) by requesting their signatures on the coversheet.
  3. Check and combine both documents into one single PDF file.
  4. Name your PDF file following the naming convention: FirstName_FamilyName_UID_ANUSLTG
  5. Submit your PDF file via the form below.

Upload your PDF file here. Please submit only one application per project.


Selection process

Applications need to be submitted in accordance with the requirements as published in the ANU Strategic Learning and Teaching Grants Guidelines. You will receive an e-mail acknowledging the successful receipt of your application.

A selection panel will review and rank all eligible applications based on the selection criteria listed below. All applicants will receive a formal notification of the outcome and feedback will be made available to unsuccessful applicants.

Selection criteria

Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • clear proposal with strong alignment to strategic initiatives and principles
  • appropriate tier selected
  • demonstrates innovation and transformation in line with grant priorities
  • impact plan demonstrates effectiveness and is feasible in line with tier expectations


Phase 1:

Applications Open: 3 July and will close on 1 September
Selection Process: Mid-September
Grant Outcomes and Payments: Expected by 28 September
Reporting: Mid-term progress reports are expected in March 2024 and final reports due October 2024 for grants running for the standard length of 12 months. Short-term grants will have amended reporting requirements. A template for reporting will be provided and made available on this website and Grant holders will be notified accordingly.

Phase 2:

Further information on Phase 2 will be made available later in 2023.