Mobile Devices

The University uses Telstra as our corporate carrier.  All ANU mobile devices such as handset, tablets, laptops and wifi devices, should be connected to the Telstra network on the appropriate Telstra corporate plan.  

Note: All ANU devices must be password protected to ensure that any information on the device is not accessible if the device is lost.

SIM Card Activation & Deactivation

To activate or deactivate a SIM Card, submit a ticket via the Service Desk Portal.

Changing Ownership of a Mobile Service

If you are joining or leaving the ANU and wish toy retain your mobile phone number, submit a ticket with the Service Desk Portal.

ITS will need to transfer ownership of the mobile phone number to the ANU corporate account if you are joining the University.

If you are leaving the University, and wish to retain your mobile phone number it will need to be transferred to your personal account in partnership with Telstra. Once the service has been transferred, you can change the plan with Telstra to something more suitable or you can transfer the service to another carrier without incurring any Eligible Termination Charges (ETCs). To arrange this submit a ticket via the Service Desk Portal.

Note: ITS will not transfer a mobile service directly to another company.

If you are leaving the ANU and are using an ANU issued iPhone and it is linked to your personal iTunes account, it will need to be restored to factory settings before you hand it back.

Requesting a Device 

Any requests to purchase a new mobile device or to make changes to an existing service, will require a request to be submitted via the Service Desk Portal, along with written approval from your financial delegate and valid charge code.

Your iPhone (or iPad) will come preconfigured through the EMM, you will just need to log into it.

Performing data backups to iCloud for any mobile device is the responsibility of the user. If you require assistance, please log a ticket through the Service Desk Portal.

Lost device

If you have lost your mobile device, you need to have the service suspended as soon as possible. For out of business hours call Telstra on 1800 730062 and select option 3, option 2 and ask them to suspend the service. You should advise your supervisor of the lost device as soon as possible and advise them when the service has been suspended.


If your device is under warranty ITS will organise for its replacement. If your device is not under warranty you will need to go to a shop front/kiosk and resolve the fault yourself.

Devices that have been wet or dropped are not covered by warranty. Typical costs for repair to a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy are approx. $500+ and can take a week or more to be returned. Any repair costs will be charged to your work area.

Replacement devices whilst handsets are under repair are not supplied by the University.

Quick ways to resolve the fault

If you are experiencing problems with your device there are several simple steps that you can do before you log a fault.

  • Turn the power off then back on again. This should be done periodically.
  • Reset network settings.
  • Restore your device to factory default. Make sure you have backed up your device first.

The following web link for mobile support provides an interactive guide for smart phones, mobiles, and tablets. Just choose your device to learn how to set up email, organise contacts, access the internet, get help with messaging and apps, and much more.

If none of these steps fix your problem, submit a ticket with the Service Desk Portal and include the following details:

  • Device make and model;
  • Mobile number; and
  • IMEI number.

Note: The IMEI number can be found by Dialling *#06# on the mobile phone.

International travel

If you intend to travel overseas and you are taking an ANU mobile device with you, please ensure that your plan has international roaming. You can call or raise a ticket via the Service Desk Portal if you are unsure of your mobile phone plan inclusions.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

An Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system has been introduced by the University to provide centralised management of University-provisioned devices including phones and tablets.

For more information, refer to the EMM FAQ page.


Mobile Voice Plans

Under the new contract, all devices will be placed on a casual plan so there will be no early termination fees if a service is disconnected.

You can select one of the following voice plans for your mobile handset.

CMP5 – $5 per month.

This plan includes $5 worth of voice calls.  Once you have used $5 of calls, subsequent calls are charged at the rate of $0.05 per 30 seconds.  MMS and SMS will be charged at the rate of $0.10 per message.

This plan does not include a data plan.  See Mobile Data Plans below.

CMP40 – Discounted to $25 per month.

This plan includes unlimited voice calls to fixed line, mobiles, 13 and 1300 numbers within Australia as well as unlimited MMS and SMS messages.

This plan does not include a data plan.  See Mobile Data Plans below.

CMP130 – $130 per month.

This plan includes unlimited voice calls to fixed line, mobiles, 13 and 1300 numbers within Australia as well as unlimited calls to all international destinations.

This plan also includes a 40GB national data allocation as well as roaming inclusions of unlimited calls, SMSs and 1.5GB of data per month.

Mobile Data Plans

All mobile handsets on voice plans CMP5 and CMP40 will be placed on the $24.00 per month, 2GB data plan.  Excess data usage charges are $0.09 per MB.

Mobile handsets on the CMP130 plan have 40GB per month of data included in the plan.

All mobile tablets, Wi-Fi and laptop devices will be placed on a $29, 2GB per month data plan.


  • Unused monthly voice or data allocations are not carried over to the next billing period.  The billing cycle ends on the 5th of each month and the data and voice counters reset at that time.
  • Fair usage charges will apply to CMP130 users who continually exceed their included data allowance.
  • All services connected to a data plan will receive SMS messages advising the user as mobile data is used.
  • An average telephone call is approximately 2 minutes 30 seconds long so the monthly call allocation will allow for about 20 calls before excess call charges are applied.  If you are regularly exceeding your monthly call allowance, it may be advisable that you upgrade to the CMP25 plan.
  • All prices are GST inc.
  • The Telstra 24/7 app will allow you to see how much 4G data you've used during the billing period.  You will need to turn wireless off for the 24/7 app to work.  Make sure you turn wifi back on again when you've finished.