Logging In and Out of an Avaya Handset (Desk Phone)

Upon commencing at the University, ITS will provide ANU Staff with an Avaya handset (desk phone), as well as provision a user-assigned phone extension.

ANU staff must ensure they log in and log out of their handset when (a) moving desks (b) transferring internally, or (c) leaving the University.

There are several important reasons as to why this must be followed, including:

  • Phone features, voicemail, call permissions (Local, STD, International and Mobile permissions) and hotkeys/button customisations, are all saved within the profile of the user-assigned extension.
  • Ongoing management of phone extensions and accuracy of directory information;
  • Billing information and invoicing is directly linked to a phone extension.
  • For more detailed instructions, please see the Knowledge Article: Logging In and Out of an Avaya Handset.