Business owner: Division of Student Administration and Academic Services

MyTimetable is the ANU official timetabling system enabling students to view the timetable for their enrolled courses, browse, then self-allocate to small teaching activities / tutorials so they can better plan their time. MyTimetable will support staff by providing:

  • User friendly planning & clash management
  • Streamlined allocations/waitlist process
  • Easy changes to classes & cohorts


ANU Enterprise System Tier 1

Governance group

Student Administration Managers Group


Information Technology Services

  • Systems admin support with supplier
  • Management of Server space
  • Integration with other relevant ANU Enterprise Systems in accordance with the ANU Enterprise Architecture
  • Disaster Recovery Planning

Business owner

  • Specification of business requirements
  • Maintenance of relevant ANU Policy

Embedded Support Team

  • End user training and support, including user documentation
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Enabling and removing individual's right to use the system


  • Communication of requests to supplier
  • Delivery of requested enhancements/bug fixes within an adequate time frame
  • Manage the lifecycle of the equipment or software associated with an Enterprise System.
  • Managing downtime, software patching and installation of enhancements as well as the communications surrounding these changes
  • Management and configuration of the software and the hardware to run the Enterprise System
  • Management of contract with supplier