Professional Staff Scholarship Scheme (PSSS)

The University recognises that the contributions of highly skilled and dedicated professional staff are critical to the success and future of the University.

These scholarships will support a range of career development programs and initiatives to advance the skills and knowledge of professional staff under the 2017-2021 ANU Enterprise Agreement,

There will normally be two rounds annually for scholarship applications. Applications need to address the following;

  1. Staff members details, details of the development initiative, and funding requested
  2. Applicant case: How does the specified development initiative align with the staff member's future career direction?
  3. Supervisor's supporting statement, and Dean, Director, Service Division Director or College General Manager endorsement.
  4. Copies of the staff member's last two (2) Performance Development Reviews. Where a staff member has been with the University for less than two years it is expected that they will provide one completed PDR and one current PDR, which demonstrates current performance objectives and identified development activities.
  5. Evidence of costs of specified development initiative (e.g. course outline or registration form demonstrating fees).

Applications will be assessed by a Scholarship Selection Committee and applicants will receive a written notification of their application outcome within 10 business days of the Committee making a determination.

Further information relating to eligibility requirements and the scholarship scheme process can be found in the procedure.

2021 PSSS & PSDEF application rounds

  Open Close
Round 1 Monday 1 March Friday 9 April 5:00pm
Round 2 Monday 2 August Friday 3 September 5:00pm


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