Professional Staff Development Endowment Fund (PSDEF)

The Professional Staff Development Endowment Fund seeks to assist in the development of professional staff to enable them to contribute to the University beyond the expectations of their current role. The fund is used to contribute towards costs associated with recognised and acceptable professional development aimed at enabling professional staff to develop management and leadership capability, grow into a new role and/or develop new skills to meet changing University requirements.

The Professional Staff Development Endowment Fund is used to support short courses, conferences and comparable professional development proposals. It is not available for:

  • ongoing courses of study (for example, undergraduate and post-graduate degrees/diplomas) which may be supported through study leave
  • the development or maintenance of current job-related operational skills or requirements (eg CPA accreditation); or
  • staff development in operational/ day-to-day matters which are the responsibility of the local area.
  • Travel and cost of living related expenses, other than in exceptional circumstances.

Further information relating to eligibility requirements and the endowment fund process can be found in the procedure.

2021 PSSS & PSDEF application rounds

  Open Close
Round 1 Monday 1 March Friday 9 April 5:00pm
Round 2 Monday 2 August Friday 3 September 5:00pm
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