Public Sector Superannuation Scheme


It is no longer possible for new staff members without existing membership to join PSS scheme. Existing Members of the PSS who join the ANU cannot continue to be a member of the PSS, whether or not continuous service applies.


The Public Sector Superannuation Scheme is available only to existing employees who would have transferred to the University as part of the National Institute of the Arts (NITA) transfer or from the Public Service under the previously existing PART IV mobility provisions.

Personal contributions

Personal contributions to the PSS begin at the rate of 2% through to 10%. Members can also choose not to contribute at all. Should a member of the PSS wish to increase their contributions, the relevant variation form is available from the Remuneration and Conditions Branch, Human Resources Division, Chancelry Building 10A.

Employer superannuation contributions

For PSS members the University pays 16.8% plus productivity from 1 July 2017.

For employer productivity contribution rates, please refer to the Employer Superannuation Contribution (EPSC) rates.


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