Settling into your new role

As soon as the practical steps of the first few days have been completed, you can concentrate on gaining a clearer understanding of your role and your work environment. If you haven't already had a discussion of this kind with your supervisor, please arrange for a meeting as soon as practicable.


The purpose of probation is to provide a period at the commencement of employment in which a staff member's suitability to the position, to the University and to the particular work place can be assessed. During a probation period, the University will offer appropriate support, development opportunities and feedback to assist the new staff member. For further information on Probation procedure policies refer to the related link attached. 

Supporting our Staff - ANU performance management framework

The University aims to provide a supportive environment which enables the setting of agreed personal expectations for each staff member and reviewing staff contributions against these expectations.

Your statement of expectation

As you sit down with your supervisor to define your new role, it is important to clarify expectations, develop an appropriate career development plan and ensure that you receive regular feedback. This plan will need to be consistent with the short and long term priorities of the University, as well as your College or organisational unit. For further information refer to the related policies attached. 

Career and professional development opportunities

As an institution, ANU aims to attract, develop and retain the most outstanding staff from around the world. Consequently, as a new staff member, you are encouraged to take an active interest in your own professional development. Whatever your role may be, your engagement is valued as are your contributions to the University's pursuit of excellence in research, teaching and policy development.

There are numerous providers of skills and development programs on campus. You will find them via the Staff development portal.

Online Learning (ANU Pulse) provides a range of free self-paced learning modules which can be accessed and completed at any time by ANU staff and students. It offers flexible learning options and supports other forms of professional development.

Mentoring and networking

Mentoring and networking are recognised ways to develop your career and engage with your work. You are encouraged to start building your formal and informal networks as soon as you start working at ANU.

The University's online mentoring system has been designed to help individuals find mentoring relationships across the organisation in a number of different ways.

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