Assessing applicants

After all the interviews are completed, the Committee should discuss the relative merits of all applicants. A method of ranking each applicant against the selection criteria should be agreed.

This discussion should focus on the applicants' merits in relation to the selection criteria and a selection determined on the basis of all elements of the selection process (ie application, referee reports if available and interview).

Selection committees have discretion in the relative weighting of selection criteria, the judgement of the merits of applicants against those criteria and in the assessment of potential or ability to perform other duties.

An applicant may not meet one of the selection criteria in one area, but more than compensates with strengths in others and, accordingly, will still be able to make a significant contribution. Committees should deliberate and apply collective judgement, rather than develop a strictly mathematical approach to weighting criteria and pedantically assessing compliance.

At this stage, the selection committee may decide to either:

  • recommend an applicant for appointment
  • seek verification or further information before making a decision; or
  • not to appoint.

Clear records should be kept by the Selection Committee as to the reason why the recommended applicant was selected ahead of other applicants.

The Committee should also discuss and agree upon the feedback to be given to each applicant, particularly unsuccessful internal and short-listed applicants, should this subsequently be requested.