Vice-Chancellor's Award for Reconciliation

The 2024 Vice-Chancellor's Award for Reconciliation nomination period is from Monday 18 March to Friday 3 May 2024. We invite nominations during this time.

Please complete the nomination form and email to by 5pm, Friday 3 May 2024. Note: the deadline was originally 29 April 2024, and has been extended to 3 May 2024. 


This award aims to encourage and recognise ANU staff members for initiatives and activities that support the pursuit of reconciliation, within the University or beyond.

At ANU, reconciliation is a whole-of-university effort. We are proud to be on a journey in pursuit of strengthened relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples, for the benefit of all members of our community and the nation.

The University’s vision is to be a place that respects and values diversity: a place where all people come together to engage with their chosen disciplines or service areas in culturally rich environments.

Thus we seek to embed reconciliation into our teaching, research, engagement, core business practices, and decision making at all levels.


Nominations will be assessed on the basis of demonstrated outstanding achievement in furthering reconciliation and the actions set out in the University’s Reconciliation Action Plan.

Achievements recognised under this award are not limited to contributions made within the ANU community, rather it can include contributions made by ANU staff to reconciliation outside of ANU.

Achievements recognised under this award are also not limited to a particular point in time. The contributions may have been made through a specific initiative or through a collection of activities undertaken over a substantial period while employed at ANU.


Staff who are undertaking outstanding work in relation to reconciliation in Australia, across a range of communities or groups, are eligible to be nominated for this award where they meet the following conditions:

· Nominees must be employed by the University (on payroll) in the year of the award.

· Nominees can be non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

· Nominees can be an individual or a team.

· Where nominees are a team, the team can include current students (in the year of the award).

Nomination process

The 2024 Vice-Chancellor's Award for Reconciliation nomination period is from Monday 18 March to Monday 29 April 2024. We invite nominations during this time.

Please complete the nomination form and email to by 29 April 2024. 

Nominations must be received no later than 5pm on the advertised closing date. Nominations need the endorsement of the relevant College Dean/Director before submission.

Nominations should be prepared by Sponsors, that is, a supervisor or other person within the University. Sponsors should specifically address the award criteria, provide examples to support their claims, and note that additional references are not permitted. Additional paperwork will not be considered by the Committee.

Colleges and Service Divisions may choose to set up a committee to ensure that staff who warrant consideration of an award are not overlooked.

Sponsors should note that the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards recognise excellence in achievement and contribution that exceeds the normal expectations of the work undertaken by individuals and teams. The selection committee will consider the academic or professional level and consider their access to opportunity when making their evaluation.

Awards process

Award finalists and sponsors will be contacted once the Committee has made a determination but recipients will not be announced until the presentation of the award.

The award will be presented during or around the time of National Reconciliation Week. The recipient of this award will be invited to present on their work that won them the award.

All award recipients will be published on the Vice-Chancellor’s Annual Awards webpage.

In the case of team awards, the team will receive one award, presented to the Team Lead (as specified on the nomination form).


2023 Olivia Evans and Junwen Chen (Research School of Psychology, College of Health and Medicine)

2022 – not awarded this year to shift from 2023 onwards to be a stand-alone Vice-Chancellor’s Award to be recognised closer to Reconciliation Week each year

2021 – Jill Guthrie, Lisa Whop, Tamara Riley, Ray Lovet, Roxanne Jones, Maeve Powell, Peter Yu (Indigenous Specialist Liaison Team)

2020 - Azure Hermes (CHM)

2019 - National Indigenous Summer School Organising Committee

2018 - Amanda Stuart, Heike Qualitz, Amelia Zaraftis (School of Art and Design , The Balawan Elective Team)

2017 - Mary Spiers Williams (CAP)

2016 - Jessica Ford (CAP) and Raymond Lovett (CHM)

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