Vice-Chancellor's Award for Educational Excellence


To recognise the University’s most outstanding educators in their fields, who have made a broad and deep contribution to enhancing the quality of learning and teaching in higher education at ANU.

2023 nominations for this award are open from 1 September 2023 to 9 October 2023. 


The recipient of this award will be chosen from amongst the awardees of the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Education:

  • Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Supervision
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Indigenous Education
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Programs that Enhance Learning


Staff with teaching or teaching/research appointments who have been employed for at least 3 years at ANU, and who have been recipients in the current year of a Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Education in one or more of the categories listed above, are eligible for Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Educational Excellence as either as an individual or as part of a team.

Selection Process

The selection committee for the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Education will make a recommendation from amongst the recipients of those awards in the current year to the Vice-Chancellor for consideration and endorsement.

Awards process

Award finalists and sponsors will be contacted once the Committee has made a determination but recipients will not be announced until the awards ceremony. The awards will be presented at the celebratory Vice-Chancellor’s Annual Awards event in the same year and all nominees and sponsors will be invited. All award recipients will be published on the Vice-Chancellor’s Annual Awards webpage.

In the case of team awards, the team will receive one award, presented to the Team Lead (as specified on the nomination form).


2023 - Systems Engineering Core (College of Engineering, Computing and Computing): Dr Jeremy Smith, Associate Professor Marnie Shaw, Jennifer Simmons, Associate Professor Kim Blackmore, Dr Chris Browne, Professor Robert Mahony, Associate Professor Fiona Beck, Professor Jochen Trumpf, Dr Nicolo Malagutti 

2022 - Professor Adrienne Nicotra & Dr Megan Head (College of Science)

2021 - Professor Alexander Maier (Research School of Biology)

2020 - Associate Professor Dipti Talaulikar (ANU Medical School)

2019 - Associate Professor Samantha Bennett (ANU School of Music)

2018 - Dr. Shari Read (Research School of Management)

Further information

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