25 Years of Service Award


To recognise the contributions of staff who have served the University during the greater part of their career.

The 25-Year Service Award acknowledges the commitment and achievement of staff members who have worked at ANU for at least 25 years.


All active staff members who have worked at the University for at least 25 years respectively as of 31 December in the year of application are eligible. Eligible staff who retire from the University prior to the date of the ceremony can still be considered for a service award in that year.


For 25 years of service: A commemorative award.

Nomination process

Staff members can be nominated by themselves, colleagues or HR/administrative staff in their area. HR Division will verify and confirm eligible recipients in cooperation with local area administrative staff.

Nominations should be in writing and sent to the email address provided on the right hand side of the page by no later than 5pm on the advertised closing date.

Nominations should include the following information:

  • full name, title and position of candidate
  • university ID number
  • contact details of staff member
  • name and contact details of the candidate's supervisor
  • commencement date of ANU service, and details of periods of service (unless unbroken period).

2021 Recipients

  • Joanne Bryant
  • Jean Cappello
  • Martin Conway
  • Elizabeth Dinn
  • Associate Professor Sinclair Dinnen
  • Professor Heather Evans
  • James Fitzsimmons
  • Professor Andrew Hassell
  • Paul Helliwell
  • Professor Susan Howitt
  • Associate Professor Judith Jones
  • Neil Kaines
  • Professor Kiaran Kirk
  • Andrew Latimore
  • Anneli Lynch
  • Maxine McArthur
  • Trent Schultheis
  • Dr Kim Sebo
  • Shevonne Wade
  • Andrew Warylo
  • Robert Wingrove
  • Scott Young
  • Michael Zacher

Further information

For further information on the Service Awards, including the nomination process, please contact Awards, details provided under Contact.

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