The Investment Office

The ANU’s strategic vision is to sit among the world’s great universities, defined by a culture of excellence. It particularly looks to promote excellence in research, education and drive societal transformation in Australia and around the world. To achieve this vision, the University seeks to grow and protect its financial assets to provide a stable financial environment and operate effectively. The University’s financial assets are managed in line with the Investment Policies by the professionally staffed Investment Office situated in the Finance and Business Services Division. 

Investment Policies

All investments made by the Long Term Investment Pool (LTIP) and General Cash Float (GCF) are in line with the Investment Policy  The Investment Policy covers matters including the risk and return objectives of the portfolio, asset allocation, the monitoring and reporting of performance and socially responsible investment. The Investment Policy should be read and used in conjunction with the following related policies:


The ANU Council, through its Finance Committee has the fiduciary obligation to administer the Long Term Investment Pool (LTIP) and General Cash Float (GCF) prudently and ensure investment objectives are met. The Investment Office carries out the administration of the funds and reports to the Finance Committee and Council on how the LTIP and GCF are performing relative to their objectives.  The Investment Office further reports to the Finance Committee to review each asset class of the portfolios of an annual basis.

Socially Responsible Investment

The University’s approach to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are contained in the Socially Responsible Investment Policy. The policy aims to ensure socially responsible investment behaviours whilst also meeting the University’s fiduciary obligation to maximise returns under its control, diversify risk and mange funds efficiently. The Investment Office delivers the Socially Responsible Investment Report annually, detailing its progress towards achieving its socially responsible investment objectives.


There are two main pools of financial assets managed by the Investment Office. These are the Long Term Investment Pool (LTIP) and the General Cash Float (GCF). The LTIP has a long term investment horizon and the GCF is viewed as a short term.   The LTIP is owned by unit holders throughout the University. The GCF is owned by the University and is used to finance the University’s day to day operations.