Acton Campus Heritage Study

The Australian National University completed a Heritage Study of its Acton Campus in 2012. This study was completed by GML Heritage (formerly Godden Mackay Logan) and is the first comprehensive and integrated assessment of the historic, natural and Indigenous heritage values of the Acton Campus against the Commonwealth and National Heritage criteria of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cwth)(EPBC Act). The Heritage Study identified Heritage values against eight of the Commonwealth Heritage criteria, and also identified that the campus is likely to meet the threshold for National Heritage listing for its historic heritage values. The study satisfies the obligation of the EPBC Act to identify the heritage values of places within ANU ownership and control. ANU will continue to undertake studies of each of its campuses in the coming years.

Heritage study

Volume 1 of the ANU Acton Campus Heritage Study provides an overview of the heritage values of the campus in its entirety, including environmental and historical background, heritage values assessment, and heritage management recommendations.

Individual building inventories

The second part of the ANU Acton Campus Heritage Study covers all buildings and significant spaces on the campus. It uses templates designed by GML Heritage and includes an introductory report and inventories for ANU. Please note these inventories will be updated as changes occur on the campus and as more information becomes available.

You may explore individual inventories, by selecting the building number/names on the heritage page. Sites without numbers are displayed below.