Mr Bob Forrester

M.Sc. (ANU), Dip Ed (UNE)
Adjunct Fellow

Bob Forrester is an accredited statistician and has an MSc in Statistics from The Australian National University (ANU).

Bob worked as a Statistical Consultant at the CSIRO, mainly in the divisions of Plant Industry and Sustainable Ecosystems for well over 30 years before joining the ANU Statistical Consulting Unit in June 2006.

He has given a number of short courses on statistics within CSIRO and jointly between CSIRO and the SCU. He was an editor of the Statistical Society of Australia Newsletter for many years.

Recent Publications

Smith, J. P. & Forrester, R. (2017). Maternal time use and nurturing; Analysis of the association between breastfeeding practice and time spent interacting with baby. Breast Feeding Medicine.

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