Over-the-phone support options

When seeking over-the-phone support, there are a variety of options to choose from that will assist with locating your desired ANU location or solution. If you already know your option selections, you may key them in ahead without waiting for the prompts.

Step 1-Phone 612 54321

Option 1 Central IT (go to step 2)
Option 2 Local IT (go to step 3)

Step 2-Central IT

Option 1 Assistance with lecture rooms
Option 2 Password resets
Option 3 Enquiries with Finance, Concur, HR and Student Administration Systems
Option 4 Enquires regarding Alumni accounts
Option 5

Enquiries with Wattle

Option 6 Enquires for the Travel Approval form
Option 7 Enquires with University Records or ERMS
Option 9 All other enquiries
Option 0 Hear all options again

Step 3-Local IT

Option 1 Science Colleges (go to step 4)
Option 2 College of Arts & Social Sciences
Option 3 College of Asia and the Pacific
Option 4 College of Business and Economics
Option 5 College of Engineering and Computer Science
Option 6 ANU College of Law
Option 7 Facilities and Services Division
Option 0 Speak with an operator who can transfer your call

Step 4-Science Colleges

Option 1 Medical & Health Sciences IT Department
Option 2 Research School of Biology
Option 3 Research School of Physics and Engineering
Option 4 Research School of Chemistry
Option 5 Fenner School of Environment and Society
Option 6 Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Option 7 Research School of Earth Sciences
Option 8 Mathematical Sciences Institute
Option 9 Research School of Psychology
Option 0 Speak with an operator who can transfer your call